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Jesus-follower, worship leader, writer, foodie and professional laugher are the skills listed on Crista's resume. She is passionate about sharing tangible expressions of God's love and seeing people's hearts made alive through an encounter with Jesus. She is married to Tim and is mother to Claire and Graham, and currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

How To Bring Order To The Chaos In Your Life

We experience so much chaos in our lives on a daily basis that we get used to it — and think it’s normal. Each of us deals with inner struggles, confusion, overwhelming responsibilities, unmet expectations, unclear communication. And we all have to navigate outward struggles too — from difficult relationships and poor leadership down to clutter and general lack of …

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What To Do When You’ve Been Slimed

Blindsided, flattened as if by a freight train, and covered in toxic slime. Ever felt like that? Chances are, each one of you has been mistreated so badly at some point in your life that you were left dumbfounded. Interactions with abusive (or just plain mean) people can leave you feeling as though you’re covered in a funky, debilitating slime. …

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7 Reasons To Serve Away From Home

I hear it all the time. “It’s a waste of time and money to travel to a far-off country to do missions projects.” “We will do more harm than good if we drop into a place for two weeks, feed the homeless and love on the orphans, then leave again.” “It’s better to stay in our own community to serve …

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Stubbornness, Determination And Spirit-Led Living

I have been called stubborn a time or two. In my growing up years, I might have been labeled dramatic, overly emotional and argumentative at times. I could have been a great prosecuting attorney or debate team captain, some say. But as I enter into a more comfortable-in-my-own-skin phase of life, I look back and see something completely different than …

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5 Signs You Should Walk Away

You want more than anything for your relationship to work. You are willing to overlook quirks and even a little bit of weirdness because most of your Significant Other’s life is pretty much put together … most of the time. But there are those pesky red flags that keep popping up as you progress to deeper levels. When is it …

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Eliminating The Drama In Your Relationships

Lately, I have been playing drama coach to my 5th grade daughter. Not because she is involved in theater … simply because every day in the 5th grade is filled with DRAMA! Do you remember when friendships got more complicated as you grew into your teen years and young adulthood? Funny enough, a lot of adults have never moved past …

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Leading Under The Influence

A few weekends ago, I found myself in a roomful of rock stars. Not the glam and spotlight kind; the missionary kind. An unassuming little living room in Berlin hosted a band of freedom fighters, rescuers and truth proclaimers as we linked arms for the hearts of Europe. Each of us was asked to speak to the group … and that …

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Top 10 Things To Lose In 2015

Every year about this time, most of us take stock of our physical well-being, or lack thereof. Right after Christmas and New Year celebrations, I feel extra motivation to shed a bit of bulge. But every January for the past few years, as I ponder the extent of the physical fitness reformation I’m willing to undertake, I get a glimpse …

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15 Ways To Make Your Holidays Merry And Bright

December is a strange animal—it brings out the highest highs, but also the lowest lows. For many people, December and Christmas time are the most depressing times of the year. If you are dreading this season, why not turn the tables and make something merry and bright out of it? It’s easy to sit and stew in all the reasons …

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4 Tips for Managing Your Heart

The way you pack a suitcase says a lot about you. Maybe you’re the “list” type with a 450-point checklist for your weekend excursion, down to the exact number of Q-Tips you think you will need for optimal hygiene. Or maybe you’re the “whatever” type who chucks in a little bit of this and a little bit of that, hoping …

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