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Jen Baker is an international speaker and author who loves seeing the presence of Holy Spirit and the truth of the Word change atmospheres, creating personal and corporate impact. Most often described as ‘inspiring’, her passion for following God’s call has involved her selling all at short notice to move overseas, writing two books, and being heavily involved in assisting victims of modern day slavery. She loves to run, drink coffee, and be near the seaside. Not necessarily in that order.

Is Panic Stealing Your Peace?

“I’ve got you.” Three words that changed my life. During a season of intense difficulty, I found myself waking up several times a night, fear and panic hijacking any semblance of sleep I may otherwise have experienced. I would wake up with a start, eyes bulging open like a shocked emoji, heart racing and terror overwhelming any remnant of peace …

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Why The Prejudice Against Singles Is Real

“Most people don’t know they have prejudices until they are forced to celebrate what they are prejudiced against.” I wrote that thought this morning after listening to a call-in radio show talking about singles and the church. I had been interviewed by them a few weeks prior and was now at home listening to the follow-up conversation live on-air. One …

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Are You Missing The Relationship Right In Front Of You?

Imagine you are underwater on a treasure hunt for diamonds. (Because that’s an everyday occurrence to which we can all relate …) Anyway – imagine you are under there enjoying yourself, seeking treasure, avoiding sharks and praying your oxygen tank lasts. Silently swimming along, you high-five the sea turtles and give a thumbs-up to Nemo while continuing to look left …

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When Being Amazing Isn’t Good Enough To Find A Mate

Have you ever felt pressured to improve who you are to get what you want? Of course you have; we all have. In fact, that is one of the most dangerous thoughts in singleness: I am alone because there is something wrong with me. If you are a female and over a certain age – 12 – you will inevitably …

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