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Interview: Pray For A Mate™ With Kris Swiatocho

My good friend and frequent contributor to Single Matters, Kris Swiatocho, is the president and director of the The Singles Network and From His Hands Ministries. Kris has served in ministry in various capacities for the last 25 years. An accomplished trainer and mentor, Kris has a heart to reach and grow leaders so they will in turn reach and grow others. …

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Interview: Confessions Of A Crispy Mom By Laura Polk

SM: Laura Polk is a popular writer for Single Matters magazine. Laura and I met as many single people do these days — online. She reached out to our magazine with the hope of helping other singles, especially single moms, which she had become in recent years. We talked on the phone, chatting about life and faith, and just hit …

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Interview: Creative Ways To Engage With God

I came across the palm of Jesus’ hand as I flipped through Designed to Pray and immediately felt inclined to write my name on His hand before I read anything. Instantly verse 49:16 of Isaiah came alive and I began to pray creatively for the first time. It is true, my name really is on the palm of His hand. …

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Interview: The Battle With Porn with Dr. Wyatt Fisher

  This interview discloses one of the most important things singles need to guard against (or overcome) in order to have a thriving single life and marriage. Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist in Colorado and a professor at Liberty University. He’s on the Focus and the Family referral list. He’s also the founder of ChristianCrush, the Colorado Marriage Refresh, and Fisher …

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Interview: Grace Thornton — I Don’t Wait Anymore

In a season of darkness, Grace Thornton wrestled with God because He didn’t bring along the husband and kids she had always craved. She was hung up on the notion that the world has more to offer than God does. At one point or another we all have probably been caught up with dreams or goals that we idolize, and have …

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Interview: Wendee Mannon’s New Book “Love Unstuck”

As a single woman, have you ever wondered how you can move forward in finding love? Wendy Mannon is the author of Love Unstuck: Be the Leading Lady, as well as, the owner and CEO of a Christian online dating site; and she has some wisdom for us on how to walk out this journey. She focuses on the importance …

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Interview: Stephanie Rische – I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See

When talking to Stephanie Rische, I noticed something rather quickly that I admired greatly: her ability to be graciously honest. Often people will try to cover their struggles and portray a stronger version of themselves for the world to see, but Stephanie didn’t do that because she understands the importance of sharing transparently with others. When we’re open with our …

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Interview: Lina Abujamra How To Thrive In Singleness

Lina Abujamra is the author of “Thrive: The Single Life As God Intended,” which is a book that encourages singles to not be held back by their singleness, but to thrive where God has them. In her chapter “Holy Rollers and the Church Ladies: Embracing Holiness as a Lifestyle,” Lina asks a question that everyone (single or not) should ask themselves: …

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Interview: Living, Learning, Loving

We love to highlight our writers at Single Matters because they not only contribute content for you but they’ve also written books we think you should read. We had a chat with our regular contributor Gail Showalter about her new book for single parents: Living, Learning, Loving: Lessons of Insight and Encouragement on the path of Motherhood                                  Gail Showalter is a heartwarming, moving, …

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Interview: Jill Monaco, Founder Of Single Matters

There are people who will live by faith until it costs them something. Then, there are others who live by faith knowing the cost and yet choose to go the distance anyway. That’s how I’d sum up the founder of Single Matters, Jill Monaco, in a few short words. Jill is “all in.” She’s chosen to give all of her life (her time, …

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