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In the RELATIONSHIPS category you will find articles that speak to the way you interact with the people in your life. The three topics include: DATING AND ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNITY AND FRIENDSHIP, and SEX AND PURITY. All relationships require an understanding of how to relate to the other person in a way that is healthy. Single Matters will provide clear Biblical teaching for those that are navigating the challenges of these topics including appropriate boundaries, guarding your mind, and avoiding temptation. But, relationships are much more than just dating do’s and don’ts – so we also offer resources for preparing for marriage, tips for healthy dating, success stories of engaged couples, how you can be more involved in your community and find support through friendships.

You Can Be Too Intense But You Can Never Be Too Intentional In Dating

I recently read an article concerning being “too” intentional when dating. I was little caught off-guard by the title. I was wondering if the writer was going to go with that train of thought or just go somewhere else with it. I have tried to use somewhat catchy titles in posts to get someone’s attention. It’s part of being a …

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5 Subtle Signs You’re Dating Someone With An Addiction

It seems like it would be a no-brainer, right? But recognizing the fact that you’re dating someone with an addiction isn’t always cut and dried. Despite what people think and the stereotypes that exist, most addicts are very good at hiding their problem. If you have never been exposed to someone with an issue, it can be very hard to …

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Sharing My Love For Lust With My Future Spouse

I wish I didn’t love porn. I don’t watch porn and have been freed from it, but I wish I didn’t love it. I wouldn’t have to have my cable box filtered, my amazon prime filtered, or have other men keep me accountable. For example, take sour cream. I hate sour cream. However, I don’t have to avoid it. I don’t …

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Learning To Look Past The Limitations Of Who You’ll Date

I’ve always been cautious and careful by nature, rule-following and by-the-book. That was how I dated, too. I had a certain way I would and wouldn’t do things, a list of qualifications I was looking for (and thought I wanted). People told me I had too many rules and not quite enough risks, but I was usually too stubborn and …

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Beware Of Band-Aid Relationships

Remember when you were little and got a scratch, scrape or “boo boo”? Mom or your caregiver came over with the peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean your wounded area. Then most likely they put a fresh bandage (Band-Aid, for example) on the affected area so you could go back outside and play. Growing up, how many of us thought …

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Stop Disqualifying Yourself From Love

When you’re single, sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly. For many of us, a significant other is a sounding board in a lot of ways. They help us talk through the untruths we feel so we can realize the truth in front of us. When you don’t have that person in your life who’s building you up and helping …

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Stop Praying For A Wife And Just Pick One

I’m really tired of hearing men’s prayers about their future wives. These are the prayers that, more often than not, sound like a fairy tale. I mean they do pray for the right character traits. They pray for a wife who is a Proverbs 31 woman. They might even go down the list: how she is a hard worker, how …

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Five Steps To Find A Mentor In Your Life

Mentors are valuable people who have the ability to encourage and push us forward in life. My first “official” role as a mentor was when a young woman asked me to mentor her as she went off to college. When she asked me, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I was eager to be a voice of …

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When Flirting And Flattery Don’t Work

Some time ago I met a flirtatious guy while traveling.   It’s super-common for people to be flirtatious in airports, or while traveling in general. With the transience inherent in travel, stakes are low and excitement is high. (Reminds me of relationships that form on the courage of drugs and alcohol. Not exactly flattering. Good gracious!) But privacy is important …

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Book Review: Forbidden Friendships by Joshua D. Jones

Why can’t men and women just be friends? It’s a question that many have asked before for one reason or another. Friendship seems so simple, and yet it can get overly complicated due to social expectations and unclear intentions. Maybe you’ve tried to pursue a mixed-gender friendship with honest intentions, but have had friends or family gently “encouraging” you to …

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