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In the RELATIONSHIPS category you will find articles that speak to the way you interact with the people in your life. The three topics include: DATING AND ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNITY AND FRIENDSHIP, and SEX AND PURITY. All relationships require an understanding of how to relate to the other person in a way that is healthy. Single Matters will provide clear Biblical teaching for those that are navigating the challenges of these topics including appropriate boundaries, guarding your mind, and avoiding temptation. But, relationships are much more than just dating do’s and don’ts – so we also offer resources for preparing for marriage, tips for healthy dating, success stories of engaged couples, how you can be more involved in your community and find support through friendships.

Dear Singles: Don’t Miss Your Moment

Dear Singles, I know. Another letter telling you all the things you should focus on while you’re single. How you should make this your time to serve, and how you should enjoy those years of doing what you want before life gets crazy, and blah blah blah. This isn’t about that. Because the truth about being single is that most …

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3 Tips For Dating An Introvert

I am introvert. I don’t like small talk or talking to a lot of people at a party. I’d rather have a deep conversation with a few people. When I need to recharge, I hide from everyone. Ah … alone time. But I also am very relational. I love people. I like helping people, having folks over for dinner, going …

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Are You OK Having An Interracial Relationship?

If you are a white person, have you ever thought about braiding a black child’s hair? How about the initial surprise when people realize that this brown boy’s mom is white? Are you OK as a black female bringing a white man to the house? Are you OK with the way people will look and stare or comment? I’m a …

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4 Beliefs About Relationships That Can Make Or Break A Marriage

        Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. –Ephesians 5:25         Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. –Mark 12:30 The relationship between Christ and the Church gives some interesting correlations when we apply that model to marriage relationships. God’s Word …

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What Qualities To Look For In A Husband

I wish part of what we should look for in a husband was someone that liked to give us back rubs, lavish us with affection or flowers, do the laundry, watch girly movies with us or whatever fits our “love language.” Those are nice, but not biblical. Good thing God had some better ideas in mind! These 5 points were …

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Standards Vs. Expectations: Why The Difference Is Important For Christian Singles

Those of you who have been single for a while now: have you heard any of these lovely statements or questions from well-meaning family members or acquaintances (because your single friends know better)? “That last one was really nice. Why did you let them get away?” “Don’t you think your standards are too high?” “I think you expect too much …

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Why Hanging Out Is Really Dating

We have created this fantasy regarding dating, especially in Christian circles, that you wait for God and sooner or later you get “the one.” If you do it right, there’s no muss and no fuss. Well, that certainly hasn’t been my experience. As Christians we boycotted “dating” and created all of these other pseudo-dating practices to facilitate the fantasy. We …

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Cutting Ties With Your Past

  I recently took a trip to a place I once called home. What I found was not home. I found a land and a people I once knew. One that I no longer connected to. A land where I no longer felt like me. It’s a strange thing to leave a place one person and return a short time …

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You Can Be Too Intense But You Can Never Be Too Intentional In Dating

I recently read an article concerning being “too” intentional when dating. I was little caught off-guard by the title. I was wondering if the writer was going to go with that train of thought or just go somewhere else with it. I have tried to use somewhat catchy titles in posts to get someone’s attention. It’s part of being a …

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5 Subtle Signs You’re Dating Someone With An Addiction

It seems like it would be a no-brainer, right? But recognizing the fact that you’re dating someone with an addiction isn’t always cut and dried. Despite what people think and the stereotypes that exist, most addicts are very good at hiding their problem. If you have never been exposed to someone with an issue, it can be very hard to …

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