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In the SINGLENESS category you will find articles that speak to your life as an unmarried person – for those that want to remain single or desire to be married. The topics include: BEING SINGLE, SINGLE AGAIN and SINGLE PARENTING. Never married? You may feel your life is on hold in some areas but there are plenty of areas of your life and character that can be developed. Or you may be learning how to be single again after many years because of divorce or loss of a spouse. Single Matters brings expert advice to your life as a single parent, dealing with grief or questions regarding your “still single” status. See this season through God’s eyes and your hope, joy and strength will be restored.

Podcast: Why Are You Still Single? With Lisa Anderson

Welcome to The Jill Monaco Show. This new podcast is hosted by the founder of Single Matters, Jill Monaco. Lisa Anderson is my guest today … and I can’t wait for you all to get to know her. Honestly she should do all the talking because she’s witty and smart and has a really cool radio voice. Lisa Anderson is director …

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Qualities You Must Have On Your Future Spouse List

I had been praying for two years for God to bring a godly man into my life. I prayed daily and even “helped God out” by making a list of all the godly qualities said man should have. Maybe you’ve done this too: He should love the Lord. He must be passionate about his work. He should have the patience …

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What Does It Look Like To Wait For A Mate?

My heart was in agony. I couldn’t handle the unknown any longer. I needed rest. So I asked God a simple question: “Yes or no?” I was actually in a healing and encouraging season of life, after being in ‘deep valley’ and ‘refining fire’ seasons. At that point, I had been single again for 7 years. My first husband left …

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Rough Seas on the Way to Happily Ever After

Rough Seas on the Way To Happily Ever After

Disappointment. We’ve all felt it. Whether it was the dream job that ended up becoming a nightmare or the “right” guy that turned out to be the wrong man, every one of us has indeed encountered a situation where expectations were left unmet. Let’s face it: We all think life should be perfect. I’ll admit I have lived my life with …

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Is Panic Stealing Your Peace?

“I’ve got you.” Three words that changed my life. During a season of intense difficulty, I found myself waking up several times a night, fear and panic hijacking any semblance of sleep I may otherwise have experienced. I would wake up with a start, eyes bulging open like a shocked emoji, heart racing and terror overwhelming any remnant of peace …

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I Never Thought I’d Get Divorced

Divorced. Single again. Now what? Being in a broken and abusive marriage was hard. Coming out of it was even harder. I was lonely, sad, depressed, angry and hurt. My dreams had been crushed. The life I thought I was going to have no longer was. I had to move back in with my parents and carried a huge amount …

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Believing In Your Destiny When All You See Is Wilderness

Destiny is a funny thing. We all want to believe it exists in us, but it feels mystical and elusive. It conjures up feelings of great longing and hopeless impossibility. But there is destiny in you. God has an inevitable, wonderful future designed for you. Wrap your brain around it. Let it sink in so that even your subconscious knows …

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I’m So Sorry You’re Not Married

I’m seeing a trend in today’s conservative churches concerning people who are struggling with their singleness — mostly women. Although men have the advantage since they are the pursuers, it also applies to them. The trend is people telling women that God may not have someone for them. I understand the heart behind that. Singleness is a foreign concept to married …

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Confronting The Uncomfortable Moments In Your Singleness

As scary as it might be, there will be moments in your single season when you’re going to have to get uncomfortable. I was looking at my vision board recently and saw a quote about living outside of your comfort zone. It held me accountable to something that I knew deep down in my heart — something that I wanted …

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3 Tips For Single Dads On Father’s Day

As I sit here writing this, it’s Mother’s Day morning. In the month of June, we celebrate fathers. This time of year, I can’t help but reflect on the journey of single parenting. Deuteronomy 11:18-20 (MSG) is one of my favorite parenting scriptures: Place these words on your hearts. Get them deep inside you. Tie them on your hands and …

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