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In the SINGLENESS category you will find articles that speak to your life as an unmarried person – for those that want to remain single or desire to be married. The topics include: BEING SINGLE, SINGLE AGAIN and SINGLE PARENTING. Never married? You may feel your life is on hold in some areas but there are plenty of areas of your life and character that can be developed. Or you may be learning how to be single again after many years because of divorce or loss of a spouse. Single Matters brings expert advice to your life as a single parent, dealing with grief or questions regarding your “still single” status. See this season through God’s eyes and your hope, joy and strength will be restored.

Are You Missing The Relationship Right In Front Of You?

Imagine you are underwater on a treasure hunt for diamonds. (Because that’s an everyday occurrence to which we can all relate …) Anyway – imagine you are under there enjoying yourself, seeking treasure, avoiding sharks and praying your oxygen tank lasts. Silently swimming along, you high-five the sea turtles and give a thumbs-up to Nemo while continuing to look left …

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Do You Want To Be Married?

“Do you want to be married?” If you have been single long enough, you have heard this question many times. Whether you are at a family reunion, meeting a new neighbor, sitting beside someone at church, changing jobs or attending any singles function, the question comes up. Before I can give them one of my much-thought-out sarcastic answers, they follow …

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3 Truths To Remember When You Want To Settle In Your Single Season

I was recently on a relationship panel with several other single women and men alongside married people. One of the questions submitted by the audience toward the singles was: “Why are you single?” Of all the answers considered, such as “I haven’t been found yet” or “I’m overqualified” or something of the like, I responded that I don’t want to …

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A Letter To My Single (Guy) Friends

Hey, dude. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this lately, but thank you. In a world that is obsessed with sex, lust and “send nudes,” you’re living your life to a higher standard. When other guys are looking for hook-ups and opportunities for a night of Netflix and chill, you’re not. I can’t imagine the type of daily struggle …

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When Being Amazing Isn’t Good Enough To Find A Mate

Have you ever felt pressured to improve who you are to get what you want? Of course you have; we all have. In fact, that is one of the most dangerous thoughts in singleness: I am alone because there is something wrong with me. If you are a female and over a certain age – 12 – you will inevitably …

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Are You Just Surviving And Not Thriving?

“How was it?” “I survived.” That’s been a fairly common conversation the past few weeks. A friend will check in to see how work or an event was, and my response has remained the same. “Rats survive, Holly. People gotta live.” Those were the first words I read this morning in an email from a friend. His simple quip jolted …

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6 (Totally Lame) Reasons It’s Good To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day—again. Reminders are everywhere: People kissing in public more often than usual. Co-workers gushing about the surprise dates their spouses are planning. Facebook is laden with people professing undying love for their new girlfriend, their husband of 20 years, or even their favorite pet! (I wonder if these people think they’re off the Valentine’s Day hook because of a post that took them 35 seconds …

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Single And Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a thorn in the side of single people. Christmas decorations and gift wrap aren’t even marked for clearance before the stores start bringing in the boxes of Valentines, specialty chocolates and all things red and romantic. As single people, we just survived two major holidays with families and friends asking us why we are still single, only …

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3 Tips For Developing Relationships Around Valentine’s Day

I have a lot of experience with what it’s like to be a Christian single gal living in the millennial age. Some holidays can drive a single woman in her late 30s to scream at Valentine’s Day. Another pass at Christmas, another New Year and, oh-no-Heaven-forbid, another Valentine’s Day … still unmarried and single. Should I hurry up and jump online to meet …

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Can You Enjoy Being Single On Valentine’s Day?

You know what really grinds my gears? When people try to deflate someone else’s dreams. This year I have to ask: Am I the only one who enjoys Valentine’s Day? I am a romantic, though at some points in my life it was hard to admit. But now I don’t find anything wrong with celebrating love. Are you one of those …

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