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Narcissism Part 1: Communicating Needs In A Relationship

In a marriage it’s good to have some effective tools and strategies for resolving conflict when it arises. There’s a particular brand of conflict I have seen over and over again that’s better to avoid altogether. Rather than resolving it, just don’t have it to begin with. There are two components essential to all communication: 1) the message sent, and …

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If Heterosexual Marriage Were Illegal

It’s apparently wedding season. I’ve seen so many engagements and weddings on social media lately that it seems like someone is always getting hitched. As a single person it’s really what I should expect. I’m single, a lot of my friends are single, and I go to events where single people are present. So since most of my friends are …

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When Love Came Down

Lately, I’ve been basking in the fact that I am eternally connected to Jesus. I’ve been remembering the history we have together, and this reassures me about the future. Soon, I will become David’s wife. That thought excites me, and it’s a sobering thought as well. I’ve never done this life event before. And then I remember that I have …

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4 Aspects 4 A Lasting Relationship: Part 6

We’ve seen how our spirits, minds, and souls affect our relationships. Now let’s get physical and discover how God intends for our bodies to interact in relationships. Your body is the temporary physical address where your spirit, mind, and soul reside. You use your body in your worship of God, your service to God, and your physical interaction with other …

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4 Aspects 4 A Lasting Relationship: Part 4

Deductive reasoning teaches you the law of if and then. Your choices and decisions (if) have rewards and consequences (then). This deductive reasoning applies to your search for a compatible spouse. If you align physical attraction and emotional chemistry with spiritual morality and intellectual reason, then you are living a mature and balanced life that God can bless. The Significance …

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When God Writes Your Story: Amber & John

My wonderful friend encouraged me not to worry, because God was just going to drop a man into our small inner-city church. I had been lamenting how I would never find a husband. Already in my mid-twenties, I recalled that my only dating experience had been in high school. My sassy response to her was, “What is God to going …

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Preparing For Marriage VS The Wedding

Wedding planning begins at an early age for most girls. She pictures her “perfect” day themed around a Disney movie. The Clydesdale horses pull up, she steps into the carriage with her glass slippers, and her prince awaits at the end of the red rope just through the castle doors. They live happily ever after. The Disney theme fades in …

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When God Writes Your Story: Matt & Rachael

Some would call my story a fairy tale. That’s how it looked on the outside. I was 20 years old when I finally worked up the courage to end a very unhealthy relationship—one that I had known (for four years) was not where God wanted me. I remember the feeling of freedom I had when that relationship was truly over. …

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Signs Of A Rebound Relationship

I had ended a five-year relationship because he didn’t want to get married, and I was tired of being someone’s girlfriend. Time was ticking, and I wanted a life … a married life. What I didn’t realize is that after leaving this relationship I was on the rebound, and I rebounded like an elastic band into the arms of another …

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Secret To A Great Relationship Part 6: Be A Place of Refuge and Safety

Secret to a great marriage

We should be a refuge for our spouses to come and share anything in their lives. The Bible says that Jesus was a friend of sinners—a friend of sinners. Hebrews 4:16 says that because of Jesus we can come boldly before the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace. Because of God’s mercy, not only …

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