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How To Prepare For Marriage By Learning To Honor Today

I remember it clear as day. After spending some time with my sister, the Lord brought to my attention something that flew under the radar for a while. I didn’t praise my sister enough. Immediately God put everything in perspective in terms of relationships and marriage. I had a bad habit of not showing appreciation for my sister by honoring her. Father God …

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4 Tips On How To Function Around Emotionally Unstable People

How do you function around emotionally unstable people? You know who I’m talking about. That one person who dominates the conversation talking about their problems, yet cuts you off when you mention something about your own life. Or that coworker who relies on you to be emotionally supportive while they go through their divorce, yet offers no support when you’re …

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Your Biggest Opposition To Reconciliation

God said to my heart, “You have the gift of reconciliation.” When that was spoken, I didn’t understand it. I knew that Jesus died to reconcile us to God, but what did that have to do with me? I’ve always been the kind of person who is distracted to the point of immobility when there is an unreconciled conflict. I …

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5 Tips For Married People With Single Friends

During my years of prolonged singleness, I definitely experienced discouragement. In addition to providing my amazing single friends, God also ministered encouragement through certain married friends who communicated sensitivity, love, and respect with their words and actions. In light of my own experience, I recently compiled a mental list of ways married couples can bless their single friends. I’m not …

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Why Hanging Out Is Really Dating

We have created this fantasy regarding dating, especially in Christian circles, that you wait for God and sooner or later you get “the one.” If you do it right, there’s no muss and no fuss. Well, that certainly hasn’t been my experience. As Christians we boycotted “dating” and created all of these other pseudo-dating practices to facilitate the fantasy. We …

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Cutting Ties With Your Past

  I recently took a trip to a place I once called home. What I found was not home. I found a land and a people I once knew. One that I no longer connected to. A land where I no longer felt like me. It’s a strange thing to leave a place one person and return a short time …

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Five Steps To Find A Mentor In Your Life

Mentors are valuable people who have the ability to encourage and push us forward in life. My first “official” role as a mentor was when a young woman asked me to mentor her as she went off to college. When she asked me, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I was eager to be a voice of …

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Book Review: Forbidden Friendships by Joshua D. Jones

Why can’t men and women just be friends? It’s a question that many have asked before for one reason or another. Friendship seems so simple, and yet it can get overly complicated due to social expectations and unclear intentions. Maybe you’ve tried to pursue a mixed-gender friendship with honest intentions, but have had friends or family gently “encouraging” you to …

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