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3 Tips For Single Dads On Father’s Day

As I sit here writing this, it’s Mother’s Day morning. In the month of June, we celebrate fathers. This time of year, I can’t help but reflect on the journey of single parenting. Deuteronomy 11:18-20 (MSG) is one of my favorite parenting scriptures: Place these words on your hearts. Get them deep inside you. Tie them on your hands and …

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God, Haven’t I Waited Long Enough?

Haven't I Waited Long Enough

Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty, the lovely maiden who was cursed to wait until her Prince arrived to rescue her with a kiss and whisk her off to Ever After? For years and years she slept, unable to move forward with her life, trapped by her circumstances, all her hopes and dreams suspended, waiting for her Prince to arrive. …

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5 Reasons He Hasn’t Asked You Out

5 reasons why he hasn't asked you out

If you’re anything like many of the single women I’ve come into contact with, you have pretty much given up on the idea of being recklessly pursued by a man. Forget the fairy-tale dream of being chased after in an attempt to win your heart.  Forget the love letters, the roses, the poems and songs.  Forget it all. At this …

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You Can Be Too Intense But You Can Never Be Too Intentional In Dating

I recently read an article concerning being “too” intentional when dating. I was little caught off-guard by the title. I was wondering if the writer was going to go with that train of thought or just go somewhere else with it. I have tried to use somewhat catchy titles in posts to get someone’s attention. It’s part of being a …

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What To Do While You Are Waiting For Your Mate

You’re waiting for “the one,” but what do you do in the meantime? What else can singles do to bide their time while they wait? Every situation and relationship is different, but this is my story. Rather than pining for “the one,” I began doing a few things that helped me in the waiting. 1. Make a list. This may …

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When You Feel Alone

My foot was tap dancing as I waited for someone to answer the phone. I knew asking for a refund for a concert ticket was a long shot, but since I found out I’d have to go by myself, I just didn’t want to go anymore . Finally, a lady answered, asking how she could assist me. I told her …

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A Letter To My Single (Girl) Friends

Hey, Girlie! Singleness is a topic we’ve discussed numerous times. Whether it’s been over coffee at the local coffee spot or while sitting on your couch. We’ve lamented or ranted or complained … or cried. I’ve seen your tears and your struggles, and I’ve seen your strength and resilience too. God made women both delicate and strong, and that is …

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When You Don’t Enjoy Single Parenting Anymore

All too often I hear myself thinking about how I never planned on being a single mom at the age of 32. I think about my failed marriage and dwell on the “what if’s.” My thoughts then shift to my most recent dating failures and how the dating scene is really a disappointment. By the time I knew it, I’d …

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It’s Okay To Cry

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that there were no words to describe what you’re feeling?  Thoughts and anxieties raced through your head and body. Even your closest friends would be of no help. There are simply no words. All you can do is race inside your room, shut the door, grab your pillow and scream. Your pillow swallows your …

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Why The Prejudice Against Singles Is Real

“Most people don’t know they have prejudices until they are forced to celebrate what they are prejudiced against.” I wrote that thought this morning after listening to a call-in radio show talking about singles and the church. I had been interviewed by them a few weeks prior and was now at home listening to the follow-up conversation live on-air. One …

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