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How To Handle Rejection

    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. –Psalm 34:18 (NIV) When you feel insignificant, abandoned or rejected, remember God sees where you are. And He throws no one away. I was recently betrayed and abruptly discarded by some friends over a silly misunderstanding. But God interrupted my rejection pity party by reminding …

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How To Enjoy The Journey You Are On Today

I really love flying. I was on a flight home the other night, gazing out of the window at the beautiful lights twinkling below me, thinking about how cool it is that we can be in two different states/countries in a matter of hours. Then, I started thinking about road trips and how I may actually love them more. It …

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Finding The Peace Of God When You Aren’t Living The American Dream

New opportunities can be scary. Even opportunities that we have been praying and believing God for: a new promotion, new marriage, new home. These are all wonderful and positive life experiences, but they can also be frightening if you’re not sure what to expect. How do you prepare for changes when they come your way? How will you know if …

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Cutting Ties With Your Past

  I recently took a trip to a place I once called home. What I found was not home. I found a land and a people I once knew. One that I no longer connected to. A land where I no longer felt like me. It’s a strange thing to leave a place one person and return a short time …

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God, Haven’t I Waited Long Enough?

Haven't I Waited Long Enough

Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty, the lovely maiden who was cursed to wait until her Prince arrived to rescue her with a kiss and whisk her off to Ever After? For years and years she slept, unable to move forward with her life, trapped by her circumstances, all her hopes and dreams suspended, waiting for her Prince to arrive. …

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What To Do While You Are Waiting For Your Mate

You’re waiting for “the one,” but what do you do in the meantime? What else can singles do to bide their time while they wait? Every situation and relationship is different, but this is my story. Rather than pining for “the one,” I began doing a few things that helped me in the waiting. 1. Make a list. This may …

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A Letter To My Single (Girl) Friends

Hey, Girlie! Singleness is a topic we’ve discussed numerous times. Whether it’s been over coffee at the local coffee spot or while sitting on your couch. We’ve lamented or ranted or complained … or cried. I’ve seen your tears and your struggles, and I’ve seen your strength and resilience too. God made women both delicate and strong, and that is …

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It’s Okay To Cry

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that there were no words to describe what you’re feeling?  Thoughts and anxieties raced through your head and body. Even your closest friends would be of no help. There are simply no words. All you can do is race inside your room, shut the door, grab your pillow and scream. Your pillow swallows your …

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When You Wish You Had A Different Life

      Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow. (Psalm 144:4 NKJV) Life happens in an instant — one way this moment, then completely different in the next. We define “instant” as a quick or very short moment of time. That instantaneous moment involves the present actions or events of life. It’s the only moment you have …

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Overcoming What Is Holding You Back From The Life You Want

We are only a few short months into 2017, but I already feel like I’ve wasted much of it. I just feel as if I should be farther along in this race, but I’m not. And that bothers me. It’s been nagging my mind pretty frequently and is a familiar topic in my prayer life. As I stood in church …

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