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The Single Wife

The Single Wife
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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was dating or when I was getting married, I’d be able to quit my job, move to the Caribbean and live on the beach!

I went to a small Baptist college in a small town, and after my eighth bridesmaid dress, I started to feel like a leper. How did I miss out on meeting my special someone? What’s wrong with me? What didn’t I have that all the other girls had? Would I meet him somewhere else? If so, where? Wait … is it possible that God is telling me that I’m called to never get married?! Please, nooooo!!! Whyyy, God?! Why?!!!

Okay, so I admit I can be a little dramatic. If God did call me to singleness it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to me. If you’re single (or you remember when you were), you’ve probably asked yourself those questions and more. You’ve also most likely had to battle the comparison trap.

I was in that trap one very lonely night after watching yet another friend find love and get married. I began comparing myself to all my friends who were now wives. I thought about how much I hated to cook, how I don’t like doing laundry, how I couldn’t sew or do any of the things that a “good wife” is supposed to do. I don’t even like to babysit! I thought about the Proverbs 31 wife and all that she did for her family and husband. And with each comparison, I grew more and more discouraged and weary. If finding a husband was based on what I can do, then forget it! There was no hope for this athletic, minimal-makeup-wearing tomboy.

In my moment of self-pity, God spoke something to me I will never forget.

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Chelsea Seaton desires two things in life—to make people laugh till their cheeks hurt, and to see women live out their callings in every season. She lives in Keller, Texas, with an awesome roommate.

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