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We are always looking for great new content for Single Matters!  Whether you’re a professional writer, blogger or just a regular guy or gal with a story to share, we want to hear from you. If you’re interested in learning how to write for us at Single Matters, you can get started by reading our guidelines below.

Single Matters Articles

The best kind of article is one that draws your reader into your story. Have you walked through something that has really challenged you, encouraged you, frustrated you or changed your outlook on life in some important way?  What has God done in and through you that would encourage others? Maybe what you think is small is something God can use for someone else in a big way.

Single Matters articles are almost always told in the first person, and are spoken in honesty and humility. They don’t just talk about the ways you’ve succeeded but they also share the mistakes you’ve made, heartaches you’ve experienced and the lessons you’ve learned through those experiences.

Some articles are written by experts in their field – medicine, fitness, life coaches, teachers, pastors and financial advisors.  If you have credentials to write for one of the categories on Single Matters, we want to hear from you too!

Single Matters articles fit within one of our four categories:

  • Life (career, money, health)
  • Faith (prayer, freedom, spiritual formation)
  • Singleness (single again, being single, single parenting)
  • Relationships (dating, sex/purity, friendships)

Submission Guidelines

Send a query to editor@singlematters.com. Submissions must be original content and not published elsewhere. Please wait until you hear back from Single Matters or 30 days before you submit to other publications.

We only accept articles less than 1,000 words and submitted in the body of the email. (Attachments are difficult to open sometimes).

And just to keep you on your toes, sometimes we do accept articles that have been published elsewhere. If you think your article is an excellent fit for Single Matters, please indicate that with your submission.

Click here to download our Guidelines for Contributors and a letter from the Editor-in-Chief. Please be sure to read and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We want to make sure you know what you’re agreeing to and that you are a follower of Jesus Christ.

Please include:

  • Your name and contact information. Please note that we do not accept anonymous content.
  • A sample or two of your writing or a link to your blog.
  • The intended category section. (see above)
  • A brief bio (100 words or less) and a head-shot photo of yourself (2 MB or less in size).

Style Do’s:

  1. Open with a punch. Use the headline and opening sentence to draw the reader in. (We reserve the right to change it)
  2. Be clear. The article should have one clear theme and central message. Make sure all content drives to that point.
  3. Be authentic. Share your personal reflections, stories and experiences as illustrations. Address the reader directly in a conversational tone and not to “singleness” or society as a whole.
  4. While maintaining a biblical perspective, we encourage you to tackle difficult topics and tough problems that singles face in today’s world.
  5. Be concise. Never use big words where a diminutive one will suffice.
  6. Use a clear structure. Listed items can also work well (e.g. “3 tips for dating”).
  7. Be original. Read our previous articles to check you’re topic hasn’t already been covered.
  8. If quoting Scripture, notate the source and translation. (e.g. Eph 3:20 ESV)
  9. End on a positive note or call to action. By asking a question you inspire thought and invite conversation.
  10. Aim for under 1000 words in length.

Style Don’ts:

  1. Avoid tone that is too preachy, condescending, legalistic, cynical or negative about a subject, person, race or gender.
  2. Avoid cliches, pat answers, formulaic conclusions and generalities.
  3. Avoid theology that is denomination specific.
  4. Avoid writing an advertorial or promotional piece.
  5. Use discernment when it comes to current news, trends, movies and other media that could seem inappropriate.

Once published:

  1. Stick around to engage with the discussion by responding to readers comments.
  2. Post an excerpt on your blog and invite people to read the rest at Single Matters.
  3. Share your article on social media and invite your friends to share it too!

Next Steps

Contributing writers provide content at least 6 times a year. Once you have been approved as a contributing writer, Single Matters will provide you with a copy of our Writer’ Style Sheet. This is an overview of our preferred formatting and general style requirements from our valued contributors. But don’t worry, we will help you with editing. If you are a guest writer this does not apply.

Although we appreciate every submission, our small staff is not able to respond to every email. If you don’t hear back from us within four weeks, it is safe to assume we are unable to use your article at this time. We will contact you if we decide to publish your article.

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