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Single Matters® a ministry for Christian men and women who have a desire to be healthy and whole singles so they can be all that God created and redeemed them to be for single life or in preparation for marriage. Read More »

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From Looking To Loving: Find The Breakthrough You Need

I love helping people meet the right person. No joke, I love engagements and weddings! It’s not a secret that I also love coaching people to have thriving relationships. Let me ask you … Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to find the one? Maybe it’s not a topic that is consuming you but you’ve had the thought …

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The Future Of Single Matters

Hi friends! Jill Monaco here … Publisher of Single Matters magazine. I have an important announcement to share with you. We consider you family, and because of that … I’m inviting you into a family chat. OK? If you’re new to the ministry, let me share some of our amazing history of how we’ve served SINGLES: Single Matters launched in June …

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How To Let Go And Embrace A Transition

Today is a beautiful autumn day. The weather is a little warm for my liking, but the wind is blowing, signaling change — a new season is coming, and that makes my heart giddy. What is it about change and newness that feels so good? The hope, the anticipation, the letting go — I love it all. I love it, …

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Why Singles Need To Learn To Abide In Christ

“God, the Spouse of my soul, God, who makes my soul fruitful for eternal life — Him alone will I love and nothing other than Him.” -St. Augustine The moment she’d waited for all day long was nearly here. She had helped her sister prepare everything so it would be perfect, but nothing was ever quite good enough for her …

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3 Tips To Avoid Toxic Relationships

“Congratulations on your third baby!”, “Best wishes on your upcoming marriage!”, “Fantastic news on your engagement!” and similar statements started becoming more and more common as people I knew celebrated milestones. I’d often wondered when my time was coming and asked God how much longer. Maybe that’s part of the reason I entered and stayed in a toxic relationship. Because …

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7 Tips For Renewed Hope For Love After A Bad Relationship

Have you been in a bad relationship? I, like many women (and some men) I’ve known, have experienced trauma from being abused. Whether it was physical, psychological and/or sexual abuse by someone you trusted — who was supposed to love and care for you — or a total stranger, abuse damages your soul. It has left many of us fearful …

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Six Ways To Build Your Gratitude Muscle

For those of you who enjoy working out, you have several reasons to do so. I would bet one of those reasons is simply because you want to feel better. If you enjoy lifting weights, you probably do it because you want to build muscle. Not that I want to be the next bodybuilder, but I wouldn’t mind sporting some …

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[Podcast] Trusting In God’s Promises

Continuing the series with friends who are in business and use that to share the gospel … My guest today is Lina AbuJamra. Lina is a Pediatric ER doctor and founder of Living with Power Ministries. Her vision is to bring hope to the world by connecting biblical answers to everyday life. Lina has authored several books including Thrive, Stripped, and …

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