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Allison K. Flexer

Allison K. Flexer is passionate about encouraging single women in their journeys of faith. Her first book, Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman (Beacon Hill Press, 2014), captures her experiences as a single woman as she fought lies and learned to replace them with God’s truth. The book includes quotes and stories from dozens of single women and even some advice from single men. Allison was a contributing writer for Fulfilled: The NIV Devotional Bible for the Single Woman (Zondervan, March 2014). Allison is also a licensed CPA who provides financial consulting services to clients. Recently married, Allison and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tax Tips For Entrepreneurs

It’s that special time of year—tax time! April 15 is right around the corner and you’re probably already receiving your tax documents such as W-2s and 1099s in the mail. An increasing number of workers are entrepreneurs, including those who freelance on the side and those who are self-employed. If you find yourself collecting 1099s for freelance work you have performed …

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Are You Too Cautious In Relationships?

Recently, I fell down the stairs at my home and sprained my ankle. Since that fall, I find myself approaching the stairs very differently. Before the accident, I ran up and down that carpeted staircase many times each day without a second thought. Now, I’m very cautious and aware of every step. Reflecting on my newfound cautiousness, I started thinking …

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Singleness: A Character Builder?

During my 30s, I experienced a lot of hard single days. I’m talking about those days when singleness covered me like a blanket and seemed like the only thing that defined me. I prayed and prayed for many years, but still didn’t have that special relationship I desired. At times, I struggled to hold on to hope. I wondered if …

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