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Anna Hayes

Anna is a 30-year-old who recently left the East Coast for a life as a grad student in a small city somewhere in the middle. She spent several years in East Asia teaching English and loves words, language and being a small part of applying the Gospel to current cultural trends: gender-role confusion, marriage/family breakdown, sexual sin and delayed marriage/unintended singleness.

What If I Never Get Married?

If you asked your family and friends what the most significant moments in their lives had been, you’d probably hear these answers: The day I met my wife. The moment I watched my bride walk down the aisle. The moment I held my newborn. But what happens if you never meet your wife? Never walk down the aisle? Never have …

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Biblical New Year’s Resolutions

People ponder the future at New Year’s in a way that they don’t often in the rest of the year. They make resolutions to diet, exercise, and to this being the year that they get in shape, get that dream job, meet that special someone. And, even though I can’t keep a New Year’s resolution to save my life, it’s …

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Finding Joy In Christmas

The ever-wise Internet has plenty to say about withstanding the holidays as a single adult. Huffington Post bloggers recommend everything from “You don’t have to get a tree” to “believe in the magic of Christmas, and the wonder of you.” Google searches turn up gems about not having to pretend to like a significant other’s gift and being selfish. If …

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Can the Church Redeem Sex?

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the current, bleak sexual climate that exists both inside and outside the church and how that affects our personal battles for purity.  The price of sex is at an all-time low, promiscuity is rampant and marriage rates are declining. Fewer people are marrying, and most of them are hooking up or …

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3 Dating Myths Exposed

Whether or not you are married, you are more than likely brainwashed—at least in the area of dating and romance. If you married younger than most of your peers, married the first person you dated, or are so single that it’s a sore subject, you probably view love, dating, marriage and sex through a warped, equation-driven point of view. People …

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Is Forgiveness Really Possible?

Is forgiveness really possible

Is forgiveness really possible? When you have been really hurt—either by a family member, your church, a boyfriend or girlfriend—is it possible to really forgive and forget? Forgiveness, as it is often taught, seems so nebulous and fleeting. Contrary to the quick “I’m sorry”/”I forgive you” trope, forgiveness can’t be conjured up or ginned up with your willpower. And attempting …

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The Micro-Level Needs of Singles

The Needs of Singles

I have been praying on a fairly regular basis (for a while) for God to answer my prayer for a husband. And so far, to date, that hasn’t happened yet. I’m in my late twenties. So, it hasn’t been an eternity, but I frequently am tempted—especially when I’m carrying something heavy or reaching over my head for the top shelf …

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Scrambled Pancake Shame

Pancake Shame

So, I was sick for several days in October. It was one of those colds that comes in out of nowhere and just destroys your plans. For some reason, whenever I get that sort of cold, I always want pancakes. Silly me. I tried a new pancake recipe that was a lot thicker than my other pancake recipe, and long …

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