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Carin has been married for 29 years to Josh, the love of her life. They have two kids, Jonathan and Whitney, and a son-in-law, John. Carin served for four years on the prayer leadership team at Gateway church and taught equipping classes on prayer as well as the weekly Prayer Tools class. She is one of the founders of the "Titus 2, Trained by Grace" ministry at Gateway. She enjoys fun getaways with family, old movies and her two golden retrievers Jackson and Wesley.

What To Do When God’s Promise Goes Unanswered

Don't Give Up

Have you ever had a promise from God? Something that He spoke to you that you’ve believed, but still haven’t seen? Maybe you are waiting on a healing to manifest, or a loved one to be saved, or a mate to materialize. Whatever it is, Jesus spoke to it in Luke 18:1-8. He begins by saying, “Men always ought to pray …

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How To Keep God First

How to Keep God First

If you’ve been in church for any period of time in your life, I’m sure you have heard someone at some time use the phrase, “Keep God in first place.”  What does that really mean? Let’s unfold this truth using what Jesus taught us in Matthew 6. (I get tickled at times when, in this context, people stop at Jesus’ …

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The Most Powerful Prayer Fuel


Have you ever wondered why, sometimes in life, a circumstance draws the strongest emotional response out of you?  Why are we that way?  I believe it is fuel—fuel for prayer, a supernatural exchange God created to have access to our lives, to lavish His goodness there. In James 5:16 the Bible says, “Confess to one another therefore your faults and …

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Don’t Let Comparison Rob You

Don't Let Comparison Rob You

In this day and age when marketing is a way of life, advertisers make their money comparing one product to another to show one product’s superiority or to introduce the newest, latest addition that makes what you have obsolete. This creates in us dissatisfaction with what we have and an appetite for the things we don’t. And it is easy …

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