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Carlie Loi

Carlie is a energetic, fun, loving, optimistic world traveler who loves to travel the globe and learn about new cultures. She is a first-generation American who is very proud of her parents and her Haitian roots. By day Carlie is a registered nurse who enjoys helping people better their health outcomes nationwide in the insurance industry. By night she can be found on "The Go and Grow Show," a podcast she co-hosts. As a child she always had a strong love for Christ and a strong desire to work in the media. She wasn't certain how the Lord would merge the two. Being unmarried in her late 30s hasn't been a cake walk, but she has learned more than ever to trust the Most High God. She believes God will send her that special mate in His perfect timing. One thing she knows for sure is that God has never let her down.

Finding The Peace Of God When You Aren’t Living The American Dream

New opportunities can be scary. Even opportunities that we have been praying and believing God for: a new promotion, new marriage, new home. These are all wonderful and positive life experiences, but they can also be frightening if you’re not sure what to expect. How do you prepare for changes when they come your way? How will you know if …

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What If Your Faith Was Breaking News?

Everywhere we look, there is some sort of catastrophe and chaos in the news. Some days, with certain news cycles, you may feel like you want to just grab the Maalox, run for cover and ask, Lord are you coming today? Because this world is going to the pits. You may be trying to unwind during your lunch break by …

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3 Tips For Developing Relationships Around Valentine’s Day

I have a lot of experience with what it’s like to be a Christian single gal living in the millennial age. Some holidays can drive a single woman in her late 30s to scream at Valentine’s Day. Another pass at Christmas, another New Year and, oh-no-Heaven-forbid, another Valentine’s Day … still unmarried and single. Should I hurry up and jump online to meet …

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