Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Chelsie Birks is a dreamer, a developer, a daughter, and believer in the impossible. As a victor of domestic abuse, she is a champion for freedom, and living life to the fullest. Professionally, Chelsie has been a makeup artist for more than 17 years, covering everything from film to fashion week. As a speaker, writer, and blogger, she captivates her audience with her own journey of self discovery, a good dose of the gospel, and the tools to empower others to walk in their own identity. Chelsie is a member of Gateway Church in Dallas, TX, and prefers intimate conversations over a good cup of coffee or two.

How To Avoid Rejection

I’m going to state the obvious: Rejection hurts! Rejection pierces deep into our soul realm where genuine pain is triggered. Rejection used to be limited to immediate social circles or dating relationships. Now the serious and traumatic types resulting from divorce, job loss, betrayal and family abandonment are paralyzing. They are the type that plague us and keep us from …

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Why Self-Acceptance Is So Hard

I just celebrated another birthday. Not much has changed in a year, and yet everything has changed in a year. I still struggle not to be completely awkward in unfamiliar social settings. Sometimes I say too much, and other times not enough. There are some life lessons I still have to learn over and over again. My brows are still …

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When Affection Isn’t Mutual

I had been sitting in Barney’s for half of the day with my favorite fragrance connoisseur narrowing down incredible, exclusive fragrances to find “the” one that represented him. After hours of fragrance stories, note descriptions, and pairing, I took one inhale of the exclusive Italian cocktails, and was whisked into the embrace of the one my heart had fallen hard …

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A Jar Of Beautiful Surrender

On a lazy, Saturday morning last summer, pre-coffee, I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram when I stumbled upon a little square image that would uncomfortably undress my perfectly put-together mirage. Aged, weathered hands … Young, innocent hands … Hands holding jars. Jars filled with picture memories. Jars filled with value. Commentary: Are the things filling your jar cultivating a life of …

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