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Courtney loves the adventure of finding God in the variety of life's moments. Courtney and Steve have been married for 9 years, have two wonderful children, and co-founded Now Found Ministries. Discovering her identity in Christ alone has given Courtney a passion for helping others come to know the "I AM" as their closest friend, which she discusses in her book, Refining Identity. She loves exploring the very real Presence of God in the beautiful, pain-staking and seemingly mundane moments, knowing that as we come to know God more, He will reveal to us who we have been designed to be.

Breaking The Sound Of Speed: Be Still

We’re going 70 mph on the highway, willing our van to fly faster, ready to get to our destination. We are ready to be done with the journey, ready to be free from this box on wheels. The hum of rubber on concrete envelops us in sound. The wind rushes past each window, whirling noisily. Music flies out loudly from …

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The Story Our Scars Can Tell

Skinny, 7-year-old legs propelled me forward through the field. Sammy was far behind me, and I was winning! Tall grass reached my kneecaps as I ran, hearing the wind race past my ears, flowing through my messy ponytail. I thought I felt something scratch my leg, but I wasn’t going to stop and chance losing the race. The short gate …

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Trading In Our Insecurity

Walking into the room, she instinctively takes stock of her competition as she straightens her shirt and lifts her chin up a notch. He’s used to being the one with all the answers. And it’s terrifying for him to think about what others would say if they realized what a fraud he is. She slips into a seat in the …

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Are You Letting Fear Decide?

We’d only been dating for three weeks, but Steve had already figured out he was going to marry me. I, on the other hand, was more practical than that. In a few months, I’d be moving to a new city in a new state, a thousand miles away from him. It would be too hard. It was doomed to fail …

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Where Did My Promise Go?

It was a normal road beneath a glorious sky. I was driving one leg of a 15-hour trip, hoping to skirt the severe storm just to the west. Perilous black clouds gathered and seemed to creep up on me. Yet on my right, the sun shone and the clouds were puffy white, enticing me to hope. On these long trips, …

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