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Courtney Werner graduated with a major in psychology. She is a self-taught artist from San Diego and is constantly looking for new creative outlets. In addition to painting, she also dabbles with interior design, composing music and writing. Check out her personal blog here: http://courtneywerner.wordpress.com/

How Your Heart Can Hurt And Love At The Same Time

I nearly cried myself to sleep, but I cried myself awake instead. Stretched out on the small square of carpet by the side of my bed, I wept. Why is it that both love and pain seem to coexist so beautifully? I certainly did not have an answer on that particular day, but that question was the start of a reoccurring …

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The Value Of Intentional Relationships

A few years ago, I packed my bags, and they landed a couple states away from my origin. Through an intense rainstorm, stretches of desert, and the unknowns of where we would sleep, I had my sister by my side. In time, however, the most natural thing happened. My sister went back home, and I was on my own for …

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When The Sweet Aroma Of The Bakery Is Your Refining Fire

I’m convinced that there is almost nothing better—besides the smell of new leather or fresh breath—than the fragrance of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies not only smell nice, but they also bring with them a sense of warmth and coziness that isn’t easily forgotten. They remind me of my grandmother, chilly nights by the fire and lots …

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Live, Laugh, Love

When I was 12, I admired my older counterparts. I believed that they held all of the answers and could do anything they wanted. I mean, the people I admired wore makeup, could drive, were fearless and had boyfriends. My priorities were certainly in order. In any case, it’s funny to be 23 years young and still feel 12 at …

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Open Letter To A Sister In Love

Dear Little Sister, I want to give you some advice on love. First of all, let me tell you that things are not always as they seem. Fairy tales are something to admire, but they are not realistic. True relationships take some effort on both ends. In other words, one magical kiss doesn’t seal the deal. Love is timeless, and …

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Why Risk Being Authentic?

I appreciate authenticity. People who aren’t afraid to be “seen.” Those who laugh until they cry, hug until the recipient has to gasp for breath, cry with or without others around, and dance when they feel the slightest inclination. This, to me, is beautiful. One of my neighbors exhibits many authentic qualities. She loves it when people stop by uninvited, …

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Is Shame Your Secret Friend?

Shame is not a friend of mine. It causes slumped shoulders, sparse eye contact and a superficial connection. When released into relationships, it is a killer. Reaching out becomes challenging, because shame is a mindset. As I already mentioned, shame is not a friend of mine. I detest shame with a passion, because it results in distance. The distance occurs …

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Why Creativity Is Important In Relationships

The creative process is not limited to paints. In fact, I am discovering that creative confidence has the potential to spill over into every area of life. The necessary ingredient is a willingness to let the process mold you. A couple of weeks ago, I began taking an art class and quickly noticed how much of a perfectionist I am. …

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