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Crista Ashworth

Jesus-follower, worship leader, writer, foodie and professional laugher are the skills listed on Crista's resume. She is passionate about sharing tangible expressions of God's love and seeing people's hearts made alive through an encounter with Jesus. She is married to Tim and is mother to Claire and Graham, and currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

Uncover Repeating Patterns

We are creatures of habit. We like predictability and regularity. We like to know what’s coming. Some of us might seem more adventurous than others or might like to live with a little spontaneity; but for the most part, the way we perceive and order our lives is by repetitions. Sun up, sun down. Repeat Wake up, go to work, …

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Five Ways To Take Charge Of Your Health

A few years ago, I discovered that my body wasn’t responding well to the same ol’ slap-it-to-me prescriptions for my recurring sinusitis, bronchitis and strep throat. Since I had built up a tolerance for those drugs, they just weren’t working for me anymore. I started wondering about all the residual effects the drugs were having on my body, and if …

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Top 10 Things To Lose In 2014

It’s January: the month of NEW! I know we all just finished a round of Christmas gift lists, party lists, greeting card lists and thank-you note lists … but now we are moving into the realm of the “New Year Spreadsheet,” if you will. Unless you are a complete nonconformist, I’ll wager you have set some goals for yourself in …

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God With Us

I love Christmas. I love everything about it! The hustle and bustle, the parties, the family, the food, the gifts, the celebration of our precious Savior King’s birth. I love candlelight services at church, spice-filled holiday beverages, seeing old friends, happy music at every turn …  I mean, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I think what I love most, though, …

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10 Tips For Upping Your Likeability

Looking for ways to become a more likeable person? We all want friends, and we all want to have successful dealings with others, but some of us just need a little coaching. Way back in the day, I read a nifty little book called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and he opened up a whole …

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The Secret to Everything

ENTER THE DRAWING TO WIN A FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOK BY ANN VOSKAMP AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE! The holidays are upon us. Christmas decorations are going up even before Thanksgiving turkeys have been purchased, people are crossing gifts off their shopping lists, and the overall level of anxiety in the USA is rising. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of …

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How Laughter Overcomes Depression

I list laughter as a skill on most applications I fill out. I make sure to include it in any bio required of me for any forum. People think it’s cute, and they might possibly snicker as they read it in the list of my other skills: piano, guitar, singing, Microsoft Office, etc., but I am extremely proud of the …

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5 Ways To Rise Above Rejection

5 Ways to Rise Above Rejection

However you Google it, most sources list REJECTION as one of the top 10 most common fears among humanity. And let’s face it—it stinks. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to navigate life without encountering it at some point, as I’m sure you have noticed. Fearing rejection from any source (friends, significant others, family, job, clubs, ministry) can stop you dead …

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