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What Will You Give Up To Walk Down The Aisle?

For 10 years, I took Adderall for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) religiously four times a day. The meds became my fuel, my saving grace, and ultimately my life. I took it to wake up, I took it to do work, and I took it to pull all-nighters to study when I was in college. As far as I was concerned, …

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Despising The Days Of Small Beginnings

As I was walking up the gigantic hill towards my NYC apartment, I noticed a silver 10-cent coin glistening in the sun. I heard the Lord’s still, small voice whisper, “Pick it up.” My quick and unfiltered response was: “That’s silly, I don’t need 10 cents, plus the guy sitting on the stoop will think I’m pathetic, or poor, or …

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