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Brittney Gardner is a writer, spoken word artist, and future author. Raised in a single parent household with her father, she has pushed through the experiences of loss, fear,worry, and much more by the power of Jesus Christ. Discovering the passion of writing at an early age, she has ministered to many people in various locations through the gift of Spoken Word and Poetry. Brittney strives to uplift those around her who may be going through the same things that she has overcome, and empower fellow young adults to run for Christ. A graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Brittney enjoys working with at-risk youth to help them get on the right track to be successful. She seeks to empower young people to know their worth and not settle for anything other than the greatness that the Lord has in store for them. She uses her gift of poetry to give God glory in her transparency and God inspired words of encouragement, hope, and faith

When God Says ‘I Will Meet You’ In The Process

Life is filled with lessons and growth when we go through a process. During the processes of life, some of us may grow weary, feel impatient or get discouraged. We believe God will come through in our lives through faith, but what happens when the situation looks NOTHING like it’s supposed to? Faith can be a hard thing to walk through. …

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