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Gene McGuire

In 1977, almost 35 years ago, at 17 years of age, Gene’s life as a “free man” ended. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole on a second-degree murder charge. He was one of three men involved in the late-night robbery of a bar. One of the men stabbed and killed the bar owner. His story is riveting—a life sentence without hope becomes a life filled with the power of God’s love and forgiveness that brings hope to all. He was released in 2012 and will be writing for Single Matters as a testimony of God's grace.

Interview :: Relationship Behind Bars

Relationship Behind Bars

Single Matters: Gene, I’m sure you get this question often—but at 52, why haven’t you been married?  Gene: I made choices as a teenager and was incarcerated for 35 years. Single Matters: You couldn’t have a relationship behind bars correct?  Gene:  No. As a matter of fact, it was there that I continued having relationships with women, although limited to …

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