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Kelley Workman

Kelley is single and one who is passionate about life, total health and relationships (God, family, friends and community). She has had many years of experience in sports, ministry, camps, basketball training, missions, research in health and wellness of body, soul, mind and spirit. Kelley is an identical twin and has a brother who is married with two precious children; and she has two dogs. For fun, she loves to be creative by writing songs, designing and cooking new recipes.

3 Tips For Solo Exercise

Need to work off the holiday food? Have you been too busy to hit the gym?  Try these 3 fitness routines and get a jump-start on the January resolutions. When workout buddies are not available, you can still find fun in fitness. We can quickly get unmotivated to work out alone. At this point in our lives, we may not …

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How To Embrace The Process

How to Embrace the Process

“Embrace the process!” Those words echo through my mind to this day as I encounter various challenges in my life. With clarity, I can hear the voice of my college basketball coach who would emphatically instruct me and my teammates to “embrace the process!” When we were “slow” in adjusting to a new drill or play, we would hear that …

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Get Focused, Fresh And Fit!

Get Focused, Fresh and Fit

Do you find that you get distracted and lose sight of goals if you don’t have accountability? Sometimes as a single, you can ignore your health because no one is working out or cooking with you. Eating out becomes an easier option than trying to cook for one. When you get home from work, no one is saying “let’s go …

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