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Kerrie Oles

Kerrie is a speaker and an author, but most importantly, she is hopelessly in love with Jesus who saved her! She has an extensive background in corporate training and speaking and from that foundation that God allowed in her life, she has uncovered her passion for delivering God’s word. Her three best treasures on the face of this planet are: Her husband Phillip, who was her knight in shining armor, and the two cutest boys in the world! With her love for the Lord and her love to laugh, her life’s passion has become ministering to the hearts of women, and helping them pursue a life of freedom from the chains that have them bound. Her first book called, “Invisible Chains,” that she had the pleasure of co-writing with her mom. You can order it off Amazon, where she would love your feedback/review, or you can order it off her website:

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

Have you ever run from something so hard, only to find yourself running right into it? Well, some time ago I had been running for a long time. But it wasn’t until I was doing another lap around “Reject Street” that my path swiftly intersected “Relationship Way.” Yes, it was the day I was doing the 100-yard dash, and God …

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