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Kim has a passion for cooking new recipes and attempting anything crafty. As a member of Gateway Church, Kim is active on the altar ministry team and serves as a women's ministry mentor. She has a passion for women battling infertility and reaches out to those who have suffered the loss of a child due to miscarriage or still birth. She is the author of a Christian blog called My Unfolding Truth and is currently writing a grief devotional.

Rough Seas on the Way to Happily Ever After

Rough Seas on the Way To Happily Ever After

Disappointment. We’ve all felt it. Whether it was the dream job that ended up becoming a nightmare or the “right” guy that turned out to be the wrong man, every one of us has indeed encountered a situation where expectations were left unmet. Let’s face it: We all think life should be perfect. I’ll admit I have lived my life with …

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Is A Mountain Keeping You From What You Want?

Don’t scale mountains, level them. I am not a mountaineer. Camping and hiking—no, thank you!  “Roughing it” has always been a stay at the Holiday Inn. While I prefer the comforts of an all-inclusive resort, I’ve spent many trips pioneering through wild terrain. Whether mountain high or valley low, the enemy attempts to erect monumental obstacles in life that divert …

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Eve Moments

What a splendid life Eve enjoyed before getting snared by the snake! As I imagine the picturesque life she relished in the garden, I wonder how Eve was so easily tempted. In my mind, it was a bliss-filled paradise, and I can’t fathom her longing for more. Everything at her fingertips was lush and delicious. Clearly, she wasn’t walking around …

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Are You Losing All Hope For Marriage?

Are you losing all hope for marriage?

Nearly every milestone in my life happened later than expected. As a little girl, I watched others blossom and mature faster than I did. I felt alienated and left out when most of the girls in junior high were stuffing training bras while I was still playing with baby dolls. I was often the target of ridicule because I was …

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I’ll Never Say Never

I Will Never Say Never

Early in my adulthood, I suffered bouts of insomnia. A constant churning in my mind led me to lie awake questioning my value and my choices. I’d ponder, “Why haven’t I met the man of my dreams?” Or thoughts such as “I’ll never be good enough to start my own business” would stream like a CD on repeat. In my …

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