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Kristina is a political and non-profit fundraising consultant based in Dallas, Texas. With an emphasis on major donor relations, Kristina has had the privilege of raising money for conservative candidates including presidential nominees, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, national committees, state legislators and local officials. Kristina's calling to politics and government meets well her passion for people, and she actively seeks out "one touch" moments to make lasting Kingdom impacts. She received a B.A. in International Studies from Mississippi College. Kristina currently serves on the Dallas County Junior Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters Lonestar, and attends Gateway Church in Southlake, TX.

When God Does A New Thing

When I walk through a lively city park, I see excited children splash in water fountains and hear families laughing together on restaurant patios, and inexplicable joy penetrates my heart. Recently, on a perfect Saturday evening, distracted by this joy, I failed to notice the grassy areas devoid of Frisbee players or blanket layers. That is, until I nearly tripped …

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When You’re In The Waiting Process

A long-time friend recently confided to me that she and her husband are struggling to conceive a child. “Being patient is the hardest thing for me right now,” she said to me. “I believe I will get a baby, but my heart wants it now. I know it will be sweeter in God’s time, but it’s so hard to watch …

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When You Are Lonely

I recently moved into a new apartment, and it’s the first time since college that I’ve lived completely alone. Outwardly, finances and my extraverted, never-ending need for community justified roommates, but I suspect there was always a part of me that also chose roommates out of fear. That is, the fear of being alone. Nevertheless, for four months now, I …

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What It Means To Live Like Jesus

“Do you have big plans for the game tonight?” My quizzical look said it all, because he answered the question before I asked it. “What game?” “The National Championship!” The tone implied the “duh.” At a different point in life, this event might take priority. I thought of my father, whom I knew would already be glued to the television. …

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