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Laura Polk

Laura Polk is a writer, speaker and textile designer. Like most single moms, she never intended to parent alone. In fact, growing up in a family of divorce, Laura saw firsthand how it affects the children in the family. Because of this dual perspective, she has a real passion for single moms to choose a different path than what the world encourages them to take, so they can build a new version of their family.

Dating The Divorced: The One Question You Need To Ask

It’s interesting when you’re single for the second round. You get to hear a lot of life stories, ponder a lot of life lessons, and get insight into a lot of life’s mishaps in different marriages. Because when you’ve been married and then lost that relationship, others who have done the same feel free to share their stories. In the …

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Please. Stop Telling Single Parents How Strong They Are

People always tell me how strong I am, like it’s a compliment. And I get it, really. It’s meant as one. After all, being strong is a good thing in this life. Something we all strive toward. We all want to be seen as capable, and confident, and someone others can depend on. As Christians, we know that our true …

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3 Single Behaviors That Can Ruin A Relationship

There’s something really great about being single. Sometimes we realize that during our singleness, and sometimes we don’t. There’s a tremendous amount of freedom during this time in our lives. Freedom to do what we want, be who we want to be and live however we see fit. It can also be a time where we avoid the real issues …

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It’s Not Them. It’s You.

When I started online dating, it was fun — at first. I loved the sheer number of people who were also hoping to find love. I was fascinated by how people presented themselves. How they approached me. How they spent time getting to know me before meeting me. It was easy to log in during the down times of my …

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Dating Dilemma: Are You Turning Away What’s Best for You?

Sometimes what is familiar is not what’s best for us. Maybe we grew up in a situation that we knew wasn’t healthy, or we’ve spent long periods of time in relationships we knew weren’t good for us. Maybe we’ve spent too much time around people we know are toxic, or been exposed to marriages that are more hurtful than loving. …

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Single Parent: When You Can’t Get Along With Your Ex

In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as an Ex. People would love like they are meant to, marriages would thrive and love would win every time. But in the broken world we actually reside in, life throws punches. Sucker punches at times. And we find ourselves single and maneuvering our children through waters we never even …

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Gathering Your Peeps: 3 Friends You Need As A Single Mom

The strongest friendships are born out of adversity. There is so much comfort to be gained from someone who is going through the same things we are. I think that’s why it’s easier for children to make friends. At a young age, we all have the same basic life: school, family, play. As we grow older, of course, our lives …

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Why You’re Settling For The Wrong Person (And What To Do About It)

It was our second date. And quite honestly, one date too many. As I sat across from this man I’d known only a couple of weeks, a million reasons crossed my mind as to why I shouldn’t be there. I’d just witnessed him making fun of someone. He talked non-stop about the other women he’d recently dated. He was arrogant. …

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What I Wish I’d Known As A Young Single Woman

When I was growing up (and likely you as well), I loved fairy tales. Back then, Princesses weren’t brandishing bows and arrows or knocking out the prince with a frying pan. They were simply in love, and being endlessly pursued by the token of their affection. Of course, by definition they were fairy tales, and so we all grew to …

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Opposites Attract. But Should You Run from Yours?

It’s cliché for a reason. At some point in our lives we’ve all experienced the inexplicable draw to someone who is so completely different from us that we begin to believe they actually “complete” the missing parts we see in ourselves. Yes, it’s wonderful to meet someone who has strengths different from our own, or interests that make us get out there and explore …

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