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Leah Rocha

Leah is a wife and mom. She is married to her first love, Julian, for 22 years. They have three children, Jordan (20), Leslie (18), and Brookes (12). Leah is a public speaker, mentor, and group facilitator. She is a co-founder of Journey 2 Identity. It is her passion to help individuals discover their God-given identity and original blueprint. She is currently attending college at The King's University, Southlake, TX and is on course to receive her Bachelor's degree in Counseling.

How I Found My Knight In Shining Armor

Have you ever wondered why, as women, we love fairy tales? Or why we long for a knight in shining armor of our own? Romance movies, novels and songs all make a ton of money because of this deep longing that each girl has within herself. Some women may have turned it off at a certain age because they felt …

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When God Asks You To Make An Exchange

Is this time of the year busy for you like it is for me? Holiday parties to attend, gifts to buy, wrap and exchange, deadlines at work to meet … All while the clock just keeps ticking away. Then you add the traffic … OH, THE TRAFFIC … that the holidays bring; it’s enough to make any sane person mad. …

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