Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Robert Hawk

Robert Hawk is a Christian screenwriter and novelist. He’s a former deputy probation counselor, working with troubled kids. He holds a degree in English and loves to go hiking, fishing and telling really bad jokes. He lives in California with his patient wife and two long-suffering daughters.

Passion Is Like Burning Coals

Sometimes we get a post that doesn’t really fit the typical Single Matters content. Robert Hawk is a writer and fable story teller. In this fable, he writes to tell us something fundamental to our Christian faith. Passion. You know the kind—the passion that makes you think of something over and over. Passion that makes you desire something. We often think …

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[Fable] The Rude Boy

Rude Boy

There once was a rude boy who would walk every day to a small bridge that reached across a muddy slough. The boy liked to visit the bridge so he could make fun of people who crossed it. “Hey pimple face, your face has more spots than a pizza pie,” the rude boy said to the young man with blotchy …

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The Lion’s Field

Lions Field

The Lion’s Field There once was a lion who owned a field of lush green grass. The lion had one rule: “If any animal should come into my field, it will surely die.” One day a young buck wandered into the lion’s field and started eating the grass, for it was delicious. The lion jumped on him immediately and explained …

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