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Sarah has always loved other cultures, and dreamt of Asia from the time she was a teenager. She thought she'd work in some remote tribal village, but ended up teaching English to university students in China. She fell so much in love with her students that it took her five years to say goodbye. In 2013, she returned to the States to be near her family and see if God had stateside plans for her. In 2015, God surprised her with the gift of marrying David Lewis. Sarah now teaches ESL to international students. She loves books, coffee shops and relational ministry. She occasionally blogs at http://sarahmorrisonscribblings.blogspot.com/

5 Tips For Married People With Single Friends

During my years of prolonged singleness, I definitely experienced discouragement. In addition to providing my amazing single friends, God also ministered encouragement through certain married friends who communicated sensitivity, love, and respect with their words and actions. In light of my own experience, I recently compiled a mental list of ways married couples can bless their single friends. I’m not …

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When God Is Bigger Than Your Emotions

Do you ever feel like you might be too much of an emotional mess for anyone to handle? If we find ourselves overwhelmed by the depths of our needs, the unpredictability of our emotions, and the mess of our hearts, I’m sure those nearest to us may feel a bit daunted as well. Whether we happen to be married or …

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The Unwanted Wedding Gift

When a gift comes wrapped in beautiful packaging, we eagerly rip into the wrapping. But what about the times when we are entrusted with unfamiliar gifts? Gifts wrapped in disappointment and confusion, sorrow and pain? If we know how to remind ourselves of the goodness of the Giver, He will grant us the courage to slowly unwrap the gifts and …

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A Prayer That Prepares You For Love

Dear Father in Heaven, May I bask in the newness of Your love and mercy every morning, and extend this grace to the one in front of me. Make me a channel of Your steadfast love (Lamentations 3:22-23). The righteous gives and does not hold back (Proverbs 21:26); create in me a righteous, giving heart. Give me a heart that …

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When Love Came Down

Lately, I’ve been basking in the fact that I am eternally connected to Jesus. I’ve been remembering the history we have together, and this reassures me about the future. Soon, I will become David’s wife. That thought excites me, and it’s a sobering thought as well. I’ve never done this life event before. And then I remember that I have …

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Finally The Relationship I’ve Been Waiting For

In the middle of my desert, a miracle has bloomed. I’m still in shock. There are many days when Psalm 126:1 describes me perfectly: “When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.” And then there are moments when the reality of God’s gift makes me weep. So far, what have I learned about myself, …

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Daring Greatly By Choosing Vulnerability And Gratitude

Vulnerability is scary and I’m not its greatest fan. So I decided to start reading Brene Brown’s treatise on this sensitive subject, entitled Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. Early on in the book, she had my attention by pointing out that experiencing deep joy can make us feel vulnerable, …

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When Your Circle Of Friends Changes … Again

I’m beginning to wonder if much of life is about learning to let go. Letting go of expectations. Of past baggage. Of bitterness. Of the person you used to be. Letting go of old measuring sticks, narrow-minded thinking and an inability to deal with the gray. Letting go of the formulas that promised a clean route around the messiness of …

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Why God Allows Tests

“We will have an exam next week.” “Tomorrow, there will be a test on …” Do you remember the knot in your stomach as you thought about how much you needed to cram for an upcoming test? I remember the audible groans from my students whenever I announced that the exam was drawing near. Even if you are a good …

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When You Aren’t Looking Forward To The New Year

The dawning of a new year spells anticipation for many. For others, however, beginning a new calendar may bring an onset of discouragement. If your current situation appears full of promise, the New Year arrives loaded with possibilities. If you are feeling stuck in grief, uncertainty, unmet longings, relational pain or physical affliction, the prospect of another year of pain …

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