Monday, February 24, 2020
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Samuel Harris

Samuel N. Harris is a Christian twenty-something, a lifelong learner, a professional educator and an aspiring writer. After graduating (twice) from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, he now lives in Waldorf, Maryland, where he teaches high school English at Grace Christian Academy. Sam enjoys blogging about humorously awkward life experiences, as well as writing nerdy science fiction and the occasional poem. He would like to be either an author, a teacher or a superhero when he grows up.

No-Pressure Dating And The Value Of Friendship

For singles, there’s a lot of pressure these days to find a partner to fall in love with — which equates to a lot of pressure to search for that person through dating. Whether it comes from society’s standards, well-meaning friends, or our own desires, there are quite a few voices out there telling singles to do a lot of …

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3 Things I’ve Learned Since Stepping Out On Faith

Christians hear a lot about stepping out on faith, something that all believers should do in some way. Of course, active faith looks different for everyone, and we never fully know what it will entail (if we did, then it wouldn’t be faith!). The struggles of daily living can sometimes require just as much faith as a major, dramatic life …

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Companionship Crisis

The 20-something years are an awkward stage of life. These years are usually the transition from young adulthood into real adulthood. From your parents’ house to your dorm room to your own place. From college jobs to your first real job and hopefully into a career. Any of these transitions can be hard to navigate. The 20s can be even more …

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Lost Dates Because Of A Failure To Communicate

Communication is necessarily part of our daily lives, and yet it can be so frustrating. People say one thing and mean another, and true intentions become hard to discern. While everyone has experienced hurtful misunderstandings at times, the problem can be especially frustrating for singles seeking to establish meaningful relationships — whether friendships, dating relationships, or more. Lack of clear …

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The Value Of Giving Love Away

A question we often encounter as singles—whether from our own minds or from well-meaning friends—is when will we ever find love? Of course, all of us need love in some form or another, and sometimes it feels like it can be hard to find. But perhaps just as important as the need to receive love is the human and Christian …

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When You Have Fallen Friends

As Christians trying to maintain meaningful relationships, we often talk about accountability, but do we really realize what it entails? Accountability includes enjoying good Christian fellowship and supporting each other through temptations and struggles. But what about the tough parts of accountability? What about when we have to confront fellow believers in sin? We’ve probably all known a believer in …

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