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Stephanie Alton

Stephanie is The Blog Spot & Content Manager with The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc. This is where she connects publishers, film production companies, authors, and bloggers to increase exposure for books, movies, and bloggers. It was a bold prayer that brought her her and since the answering of that prayer it has inspired her to pray audaciously day by day. Stephanie is also a writing coach, blogger, and occasionally pops up on a podcast to talk about the writing world.

Interview: Creative Ways To Engage With God

I came across the palm of Jesus’ hand as I flipped through Designed to Pray and immediately felt inclined to write my name on His hand before I read anything. Instantly verse 49:16 of Isaiah came alive and I began to pray creatively for the first time. It is true, my name really is on the palm of His hand. …

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Interview: Grace Thornton — I Don’t Wait Anymore

In a season of darkness, Grace Thornton wrestled with God because He didn’t bring along the husband and kids she had always craved. She was hung up on the notion that the world has more to offer than God does. At one point or another we all have probably been caught up with dreams or goals that we idolize, and have …

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