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Wendy K. Walters is an author coach, branding consultant, and motivational speaker. Her Release the Writer seminars have helped launch hundreds of first-time authors. The next event is April 2016: for details. Wendy has a gift for identifying what makes a person unique and bringing that to the forefront. Like few others, she can guide you through the maze of distinctions that make you stand out looking better and sharper, maximizing your originality. She speaks at conferences and business events, activating and empowering people to declare their dreams, identify with their passion and create a strategic action plan. Wendy lives near Fort Worth, Texas. Together with Todd, her husband of twenty-three years, they have three children: Kathryn, Emily and Joshua.

How To Overcome Toxic Thoughts

“Get that thing out of here!” I shrieked as the snake slithered down the hall and out of sight. “Aw, that thing is more afraid of you than you are of it,” Tom said. I cast a withering look in his direction, every nerve in my body on edge, poised and waiting for the creature to reappear. Of course, I …

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Create The Future You Desire

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass.” —Paul J. Meyer, motivational speaker Your mind is active all the time. You are constantly absorbing and filtering images and information as well as creating them. What you focus on becomes your reality. You attract the things your mind dwells on — thoughts, feelings, attention, …

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Test The Passion In You

Passion Test

You have you heard things like, “She’s so amazing, how is she still single?” or “He’s such a catch, I can’t believe he isn’t married yet!” The unspoken paradigm here is that wonderful, great, amazing people get married, and those who are not married must have something wrong with them. This attitude is even more prevalent in the church, where …

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