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In the FAITH category you will find articles that speak to your walk with God and deepen your relationship with Jesus. The three topics include: SPIRITUAL FORMATION, PRAYER and FREEDOM. Single Matters wants to help you create an atmosphere for God to enter in and dwell with you through Biblical teaching, encouragement in prayer and devotionals. You’ll find opportunities to talk with God about the deep things going on in your heart, soul and mind.

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When And Why Should Christians Set Boundaries? – Part 2

We previously looked at scriptural support for boundaries as well as the ultimate goal of reconciliation. Also, we defined what boundaries are and reviewed some reasons that may warrant them. Now let’s continue by answering “who” may require boundaries and “when” boundaries may be considered. WHO – INDENTIFYING THE BOUNDARY TARGET Would boundaries be appropriate for everyone during my personal quiet time? Should …

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When And Why Should Christians Set Boundaries?

The word “boundary” immediately sounds restrictive and unfriendly. So why would Christians entertain such a cold possibility? Although boundaries are sometimes necessary, I suspect they are frequently and easily substituted for conflict resolution. On one hand, we need to restrict unsafe or undesirable elements from our lives. On the other, we may impose boundaries instead of addressing and resolving issues. …

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When You Believe In The Impossible Despite What You See

There is a desire in your heart. It’s been there for a while. Too long, if you’re honest. It’s a hope for a godly marriage, a yearning to belong somewhere or a passion for God to use you in a unique way. God has promised the impossible, but you’ve grown weary in the waiting. You are ever questioning life’s little …

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Practical Atheism For Single Christians

As followers of Christ, we understand that faith is the main source of our spiritual identity. We’ve read in the Bible that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). We been taught stuff like “Without faith, we cannot please God” (Hebrews 11:6a) and “ask in faith without doubting” (James 1:6a). Yet …

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An Adulterous Heart Involves More Than Having An Affair

Do you have an adulterous heart? Now, before shutting me down or brushing aside the question, please understand this isn’t aimed at your sexual morality or integrity. It is aimed at your heart. Reading the book of Jeremiah, I become aware of his keen insight into the human heart. Not the actual, physical, blood-pumping heart, but each person’s core desires. …

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Is Your Insecurity Like A Tiny Barking Dog?

How does your insecurity express itself? When I’m walking my 150-pound English mastiff through the neighborhood, she struts her stuff. Her tawny fur shines in the gentle breeze. Her giant feet plod along as her massive girth takes up most of the sidewalk. She’s big and beautiful, and she knows it. The smaller dogs in the area know it, too. …

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Moving Beyond Past Regrets

Almost everyone lives with some form of regret. In my youth, I considered trying out for a professional football team. Having the size and speed, I thought I could make it. But three weeks before training camp, a mature mentor whom I respect deeply had a father-son talk with me about my decision, and I changed my mind. Whether I …

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How To Overcome Worry

Growing up, I was an extremely anxious kid. I worried about everything! Worry was a behavior I learned over time that had been passed down from generation to generation within my family. For so long worry had been a way of life. I still struggle with it some days. Recently, I had a very important meeting to attend. I wasn’t …

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The Difference Between Peace With God And Peace Of God

There is a world of difference between peace with God and the peace of God. When a person accepts Christ as Lord and personal Savior, he establishes peace with God. As a result of salvation, God’s anger toward sin is appeased through Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice and peace with God is established (Romans 5:1). As a regenerated, reconciled child of God, …

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What Is Your Faith Focused On?

Over the course of the summer, I felt a shift in my spirit that was hard to shake. It was a good shift and reminded me that I’m a day closer to my destiny, a step closer in my purpose, and one more moment away from meeting my future husband. Week after week, God confirms something new in me — …

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