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In the FAITH category you will find articles that speak to your walk with God and deepen your relationship with Jesus. The three topics include: SPIRITUAL FORMATION, PRAYER and FREEDOM. Single Matters wants to help you create an atmosphere for God to enter in and dwell with you through Biblical teaching, encouragement in prayer and devotionals. You’ll find opportunities to talk with God about the deep things going on in your heart, soul and mind.

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior please visit our Best Prayer Ever page.

Letting Go

I’ve always considered myself to be a person who loves change. In fact, God once spoke to my heart that He gave me a flexible and adaptable nature and as a result, He could use my life in many places and venues. I’ve always welcomed new things and embraced change. Not so much lately! Recently I’ve struggled with letting go …

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Is It Possible To Evangelize Without Sharing The Gospel?

This weekend I had the pleasure of listening to Greg Koukl speak. Koukl is the founder and president of Stand to Reason, a radio talk show host, and the author of Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions (1st Edition by Koukl, Gregory, published by Zondervan, 2009. Paperback). Knowing absolutely nothing about Greg Koukl beforehand, I signed up for “Training …

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Eve Moments

What a splendid life Eve enjoyed before getting snared by the snake! As I imagine the picturesque life she relished in the garden, I wonder how Eve was so easily tempted. In my mind, it was a bliss-filled paradise, and I can’t fathom her longing for more. Everything at her fingertips was lush and delicious. Clearly, she wasn’t walking around …

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Listening To God During Times Of Discouragement

Recently, I was talking with a close Christian brother. He lives in a different city than I do, yet we see each other fairly often. We met for coffee and to talk about life and work. My friend is a man of courage and integrity. He is a great father and husband. He is intelligent and a graduate of one of the …

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Do People See Jesus When They Look At Me?

I’ve buried far too many people in my life. Too many funerals, too many missed opportunities for one last goodbye, too many loved ones missing from the holiday gatherings. At a recent home-going of a dear friend, I tried to visualize what she experienced as she awoke in heaven. What a blissful thought! Waking up and finding yourself wrapped in …

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Going Through Transitions

When I was a kid, transitions used to excite me. I loved the adventure of moving. I loved change. I also loved playing outside games on dark summer nights. I think that’s because, as a kid, I never did any of these activities alone. As a single adult, I hate transitions. They make me feel unsettled and insecure. I feel …

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The Upside-Down Kingdom

Many years ago, I attended a large women’s conference in Southern California. When invited, I was given the impression that I would be called upon to say a few words. I didn’t plan an elaborate presentation, but simply prepared a short talk should the opportunity present itself. As you can imagine, I dressed appropriately for the occasion, with a little …

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Why Risk Being Authentic?

I appreciate authenticity. People who aren’t afraid to be “seen.” Those who laugh until they cry, hug until the recipient has to gasp for breath, cry with or without others around, and dance when they feel the slightest inclination. This, to me, is beautiful. One of my neighbors exhibits many authentic qualities. She loves it when people stop by uninvited, …

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When You’re Heartbroken

I remember a time when I was extremely heartbroken. This was a time where the Lord was still refining me, and I was still trying to understand what it was to “guard your heart.” As men we always hear that we are to guard a woman’s heart. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times at this point. But what I …

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Single And On Skid Row

I’m single, technically unemployed and living out of my car. There is a good chance you’ve never heard the story. I should write a post on it someday. I may make it a book. But, I’m too busy following Jesus to stop and document this journey right now. It started with an idea when I woke up every morning – …

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