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In the FAITH category you will find articles that speak to your walk with God and deepen your relationship with Jesus. The three topics include: SPIRITUAL FORMATION, PRAYER and FREEDOM. Single Matters wants to help you create an atmosphere for God to enter in and dwell with you through Biblical teaching, encouragement in prayer and devotionals. You’ll find opportunities to talk with God about the deep things going on in your heart, soul and mind.

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior please visit our Best Prayer Ever page.

It’s Okay To Cry

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that there were no words to describe what you’re feeling?  Thoughts and anxieties raced through your head and body. Even your closest friends would be of no help. There are simply no words. All you can do is race inside your room, shut the door, grab your pillow and scream. Your pillow swallows your …

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When You Wish You Had A Different Life

      Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow. (Psalm 144:4 NKJV) Life happens in an instant — one way this moment, then completely different in the next. We define “instant” as a quick or very short moment of time. That instantaneous moment involves the present actions or events of life. It’s the only moment you have …

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How Your Emotions Are Keeping You Stuck

When I was in second grade, I was stricken with a sickness that required one week in the hospital followed by another week spent at home recovering. I don’t remember much about that time. I played board games with the nurses. Yahtzee, I think. There was a nasty red liquid they made me drink. When I whined, my dad made …

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How Hidden Pride Keeps You From The Relationship You Want

    … lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil. (1 Timothy 3:6) If you believe pride and arrogance are just small character flaws or unique idiosyncrasies of your personality, you may wish to rethink that. I’m not referring to pride in a job well done. I’m talking about an inflated opinion of …

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Do You Restrict Jesus In Your Life?

    So they bound Jesus, led him away and handed him over to Pilate. –Mark 15:1b Jesus — the Creator of everything — being bound. When I read the story of Jesus’ arrest before His crucifixion, the words “they bound Jesus” jump off the page. Think about this: According to the first few verses in John chapter 1, nothing exists …

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Overcoming What Is Holding You Back From The Life You Want

We are only a few short months into 2017, but I already feel like I’ve wasted much of it. I just feel as if I should be farther along in this race, but I’m not. And that bothers me. It’s been nagging my mind pretty frequently and is a familiar topic in my prayer life. As I stood in church …

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When The Journey To Your Dream Is Taking Too Long

I hope you have a dream. I hope there is somewhere amazing you long to be or some important thing you wish to accomplish. We need that in this life. Dreaming is good for soul and spirit. I believe God gives us all dreams. These dreams, promises, visions are often long in coming. Sometimes we find ourselves trudging through the …

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How To Bring Order To The Chaos In Your Life

We experience so much chaos in our lives on a daily basis that we get used to it — and think it’s normal. Each of us deals with inner struggles, confusion, overwhelming responsibilities, unmet expectations, unclear communication. And we all have to navigate outward struggles too — from difficult relationships and poor leadership down to clutter and general lack of …

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When You Think God’s Promises Are For Everyone But You

It’s funny the baggage we carry through life while leaving other good things behind. The bad stuff really is easier to believe (thanks, Pretty Woman). As Christians, we want to believe that God’s grace is enough to cover everything we’ve done and everything that’s been done to us. We strive to lay it down and let Him take it over. …

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Following Jesus’ Example Of Humility

Humility has been on my mind since Christmas. It’s not usually a topic I think about, but I felt like it was highlighted during the holiday. Usually during Christmas I think about the joy around Jesus’ birth or the thankfulness we have for the gift of His birth, but this year Jesus wanted to show me something about humility. Jesus …

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