Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn’t Sin

I got a phone call once from someone who told me she had “bad news.” “I’m pregnant,” she said. As I heard these words, I had been aware of the situation this young, single mom was in for a while. But when I first heard that she had bad news, I did not think being pregnant would qualify as that. …

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The Woman Of My Dreams Wasn’t My Soul Mate

I think Disney trains us very young to look and find our soul mate. In each fairytale, there’s a handsome prince, a beautiful princess, a curse in the land, a rescue, a first kiss, and they live happily ever after. But I think we keep forgetting that these are fairytales. Fiction. Not true. Unrealistic. As a boy I imagined an …

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I Helped Someone Cheat

It was the weekend of August 1st. I was in New Orleans for a wedding. Traveling alone was always a strong temptation. New city. New opportunities. I found myself in my hotel room in a very familiar situation but with a different twist. See, I was a sex addict. At the time I didn’t call it that. It was just …

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