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Wielding The White Knight Within

I have this scenario in my head that I keep coming back to. Usually there’s a beautiful girl trapped and helpless, a damsel in distress if you will, and some kind of dastardly evil villain leaning over her. Then I charge in heroically, beat up the bad guy, and embrace and comfort the girl until we ride off into the …

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The Value Of Giving Love Away

A question we often encounter as singles—whether from our own minds or from well-meaning friends—is when will we ever find love? Of course, all of us need love in some form or another, and sometimes it feels like it can be hard to find. But perhaps just as important as the need to receive love is the human and Christian …

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Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn’t Sin

I got a phone call once from someone who told me she had “bad news.” “I’m pregnant,” she said. As I heard these words, I had been aware of the situation this young, single mom was in for a while. But when I first heard that she had bad news, I did not think being pregnant would qualify as that. …

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The Woman Of My Dreams Wasn’t My Soul Mate

I think Disney trains us very young to look and find our soul mate. In each fairytale, there’s a handsome prince, a beautiful princess, a curse in the land, a rescue, a first kiss, and they live happily ever after. But I think we keep forgetting that these are fairytales. Fiction. Not true. Unrealistic. As a boy I imagined an …

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I Helped Someone Cheat

It was the weekend of August 1st. I was in New Orleans for a wedding. Traveling alone was always a strong temptation. New city. New opportunities. I found myself in my hotel room in a very familiar situation but with a different twist. See, I was a sex addict. At the time I didn’t call it that. It was just …

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