Thursday, August 11, 2022
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We want to encourage you pursue the gifts, passions and talents God has given uniquely to you. To help you live
a life that is balanced between career, family and recreation. And identifying the value in honesty and integrity as you are an example to unbelievers in the workplace.

Test The Passion In You

Passion Test

You have you heard things like, “She’s so amazing, how is she still single?” or “He’s such a catch, I can’t believe he isn’t married yet!” The unspoken paradigm here is that wonderful, great, amazing people get married, and those who are not married must have something wrong with them. This attitude is even more prevalent in the church, where …

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Comparison At Work


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak about the act of comparison to an amazing group of female leaders. While speaking on this topic, I realized that I was actually applying the principles to my own life while sharing with the group, but I believe this made the teaching that much more impactful. When reflecting on comparison, I recalled situations …

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Miles Away From Ordinary

Miles Away from Ordinary

Do you realize that it really is okay to be ordinary? Are you aware, like I am, that we all have limitations? I personally believe people will only be successful once they have come to terms with this unvarnished truth. I admit, it’s sometimes hard for me to come to grips with this truth and still remember that God views …

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