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In the LIFE category you will find articles that speak to the every day things that need God’s perspective and help. The three topics include: CAREER, MONEY and HEALTH. At Single Matters you’ll find practical help to follow your gifts and talents in your career while balancing time with family and recreation. Learn how to be an example of honesty and integrity in the workplace and with your personal finances. Find encouragement to invest in God’s Kingdom through your money and time and teach your children the same values. We also hope to provide resources you need to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

3 Tips For Solo Exercise

Need to work off the holiday food? Have you been too busy to hit the gym?  Try these 3 fitness routines and get a jump-start on the January resolutions. When workout buddies are not available, you can still find fun in fitness. We can quickly get unmotivated to work out alone. At this point in our lives, we may not …

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Overcoming Depression During The Holidays

Depression can occur at any time. Sometimes it is due to external circumstances, but sometimes it can be related to our health. With winter coming on—plus the holidays—this can be a time when many people experience symptoms of depression.   Symptoms of depression: A change in appetite or weight. Inability to sleep, disturbed or excessive  sleep. Restlessness or feeling “slowed …

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Pumpkin Spice Steamer

I always have a little sweet tooth during this time of year and a craving for rich pumpkin flavor. This Pumpkin Spice Steamer will keep you warm and smiling as the weather changes from fall to winter. Pumpkin Spice Steamer Servings: 1 1 cup organic milk (or organic soy milk, or organic coconut milk—all have the creaminess needed for this …

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What Retailers Don’t Want You to Know About Rebates and Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be costly. Christmas present buying is rarely planned for. So we get to the holiday season and just do the best we can. The key is looking for the good deals. A recent advertisement marketed an $800 computer for $300. What was the catch? You had to go through the process of getting a $500 rebate to …

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Orange-Inspired Energy Bites

Orange Inspired Energy Bites

These little bites are great following a run, hike or day at the office. With good fats from the nuts and seeds, and natural sugars from the dried fruit and honey,  these treats enable your body to recover and have energy for the next thing on your “Maybe To Do” list. Orange-Inspired Energy Bites ½ cup toasted sunflower seeds ½ …

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How You Leave A Legacy Of Leadership

Legacy of Leadership

“…. I was sitting on a porch swing as I recall, legs dangling and drinking my glass of ice cold sweet tea and my Mamaw  (that’s Grandmother for all of you non-southerners) was sitting next to me. She was leaning forward, elbows on her knees, graciously smiling and listening to every word this man had to say, as if he …

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Understanding Obamacare – What You Need To Know

There is so much confusion on the Affordable Care Act (ACA-Obamacare). Before I started to study it, I felt the same way. I was completely overwhelmed. However, as I studied it, I realized two things. First, the government has done a horrible job marketing the concept and explaining how it works. Second, when you understand the basic elements, the ACA …

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Seven Basic Daily Nutrients Every Single Needs

Have you ever considered the basic building blocks to good nutrition? Do you know how many you are missing? These seven basic daily nutrients are essential to maintain good health. 1. Probiotics Probiotics are essential for good flora, which should naturally inhabit the intestinal track. Probiotics inhibit growth of toxic bacteria and yeast. They boost the immune system, 70 percent …

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See Grace Unplugged This Weekend!

See Grace Unplugged This Weekend! Single Matters has never done movie reviews or promotions – ever. And we are not getting a dime by promoting GRACE UNPLUGGED. But, we want to support movies that are not only done well but are safe for our eyes to see and our minds to remember. Rated PG, GRACE UNPLUGGED is in limited theaters …

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Protecting Your Identity In The World Of Dating

Protecting Your Identity

I would bet the majority of singles have experienced the “regret date.” The regret date is the person you thought was one thing, and found out after numerous dates, was another. A person can pretend to be something or get away with hiding who they are for longer than one can imagine. The worst of all regret dates is the …

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