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In the SINGLENESS category you will find articles that speak to your life as an unmarried person – for those that want to remain single or desire to be married. The topics include: BEING SINGLE, SINGLE AGAIN and SINGLE PARENTING. Never married? You may feel your life is on hold in some areas but there are plenty of areas of your life and character that can be developed. Or you may be learning how to be single again after many years because of divorce or loss of a spouse. Single Matters brings expert advice to your life as a single parent, dealing with grief or questions regarding your “still single” status. See this season through God’s eyes and your hope, joy and strength will be restored.

Why I Keep Praying For A Husband

Later this year, I will enter the third decade of my life. I’m still as single as I was at 20. I question if it’s worth it to keep praying for a husband. I have been praying for a husband for the better part of the last 10 years, and I’ve wondered, on bad days, if I’ve been attempting to …

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Forever Alone

Are you losing all hope for marriage?

Let me be clear about a few things before I get started on this enlightening rant. I’m not mad/angry/bitter towards well meaning people who try and encourage those of us who are single. I understand that MOST of them were not single as long as some of us have been. So, they don’t understand that we’ve heard the same things …

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ABCs For Single Parenting

THE ABCs (Absolute Basic Criteria) FOR RAISING SPIRITUALLY SENSITIVE CHILDREN The first 3 of 26 topics represent what I believe to be the absolute basic criteria for raising spiritually sensitive children. I have begun with Authority because it is the absolute foundation of good parenting. That doesn’t mean that I believe that the authoritarian style of parenting is the most …

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Is It Time To Tune Up Your Love Radar?

You have a “love radar,” and the people you attract into your life are not by accident. If you are anything like me, then your love radar may need a “tune-up” along the way. I had an emotional timeline in my mind, and I wanted to be married and starting a family by the time I was thirty. In my …

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An Awkward Conversation About Singleness

Recently I was sitting with a pastor friend of mine. He is a wonderful man, very smart, with a great heart for the Lord and the work of the Kingdom of God. He has sacrificed for the advancement of the Gospel in ways I can’t imagine, as he lives and works in a part of the world where the government oppresses …

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Are You On The Market?

It’s time for the captains to pick the teams, and the kids line up. Some hearts thrill with expectancy, thinking of how much they will love playing the game. These kids know they’re good on the field and can’t wait to get out there. Other kids feel slightly nervous about whose team they will join, and how well they will …

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The Damaging Effects Of Isolation

“I don’t deserve to be happy.” “No one could possibly love me.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’ve made too many mistakes.” Have you ever heard anyone say these things? More importantly, have you ever said or thought them? Well I certainly have—and I suspect I’m not alone. As singles, we spend quite a bit of time alone, isolated from others. …

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I Want To Be Called “Mom”

May. Flowers are blooming. The weather is getting warmer. The anticipation of BBQs and watersports at the lake is rising as Memorial Day approaches and we celebrate those we call “mom.” The women who raised us are showered with flowers and gifts. Little children are encouraged by school teachers to make a special present for their mothers, and husbands take …

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The Single Mom Life

I don’t write much about being a single mom. Frankly, I sometimes feel like I am an outcast even among other Christians. I feel undatable because I don’t fit into that mold that people think of when they see a mom and her 6-year-old son. I sometimes walk into church on Sunday mornings with more fear than I should. I …

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How Singles Can Embrace Mother’s Day

One day several years ago, I visited a new mother in the hospital. She had just had her baby. When I saw him, something in me was different. I normally am afraid to hold new babies because they’re so small and seem like they break so easily. The new mother’s mom was there with her and holding the baby. As …

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