Friday, May 29, 2020
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Single Parenting

Being a single parent has it’s own challenges. And we hope to bring you tools, expert advice and encouragement.

Scars On My Tongue

My tongue is full of scars from having to bite it … often. Oh, it was so hard at times not to let it out.  I have been divorced for more than 10 years. My daughter was 3 when my divorce was final. It wasn’t an easy divorce … what divorce is? I was hurt. I was devastated. I was …

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20 Ways Single Parents Can Pray For Kids

Prayer for Kids

Lord, I prayed for this child, and You have granted me what I asked of You (1 Samuel 1:27). We are told that of the millennials—young people ages 10-29 years old—only 15 percent are Christian. The assignment to pray for our children is essential to raising up a generation that will live for God and withstand the enemy’s attack upon them (Genesis …

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Helping Kids Cope During A Separation

Helping Kids Cope During a Separation

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” -Winnie the Pooh Children of divorcing (and divorced) parents must learn to cope with separations from people they love more quickly than children from intact families. Visitation schedules, no matter how thoughtfully or cooperatively constructed, just are not the same …

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[Fable] The Rude Boy

Rude Boy

There once was a rude boy who would walk every day to a small bridge that reached across a muddy slough. The boy liked to visit the bridge so he could make fun of people who crossed it. “Hey pimple face, your face has more spots than a pizza pie,” the rude boy said to the young man with blotchy …

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The Lion’s Field

Lions Field

The Lion’s Field There once was a lion who owned a field of lush green grass. The lion had one rule: “If any animal should come into my field, it will surely die.” One day a young buck wandered into the lion’s field and started eating the grass, for it was delicious. The lion jumped on him immediately and explained …

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