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Do You Want To Be Married?

In recent years, I haven’t thought of myself as being open to getting married. I had made peace with the thought that I would never have children and would grow old alone. I accepted that my lot was to remain single and learned to enjoy my independence. I became quite comfortable with the idea of being single. I’m not alone; …

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Interview: Wendee Mannon’s New Book “Love Unstuck”

As a single woman, have you ever wondered how you can move forward in finding love? Wendy Mannon is the author of Love Unstuck: Be the Leading Lady, as well as, the owner and CEO of a Christian online dating site; and she has some wisdom for us on how to walk out this journey. She focuses on the importance …

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Interview: Ryan And Amanda Leak – The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts With You

Ryan and Amanda Leak received international media attention because of their YouTube documentary “Surprise Wedding.” On May 5, their book, The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts with You, was released. This couple has a beautiful passion to share with others wisdom and helpful insights on singleness and relationships. They spent valuable time gleaning from those around them — from mentors to counselors — and they …

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Interview With Author John Greco: Broken Vows

Everyone loves the holidays, right? Well—not exactly. If life is going great, sure, this might be the “most wonderful time of the year.” But—for those in the middle of relational hardship or pain, this time of year might be most difficult of all. Is it possible to be thankful—even hopeful—when life is a mess? Meet John Greco. In a matter …

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