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25 Things Singles Hear At Christmas

Who doesn’t love a little laughter at Christmas? Founder of Single Matters, Jill Monaco, shares some funny things singles hear at Christmas (or around the year) and puts some commentary on it. Hope you enjoy!

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Single at Christmas: A Love / Hate Story

Dear Christmas, I am writing this letter to tell you how I feel. I have been bottling up these emotions for most of my adult life. It is time to show up and tell my truth to you. To put it bluntly: I love you and I hate you. The early years with you were so memorable. We would get …

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For My Single Girls This Christmas

Hey, single gals. ‘Tis the season for “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls.” It’s a season full of laughter and fun, but I know the holidays can be tough sometimes too. There are so many parties to go to and dinners to get through. A lot of people are asking how your dating life is going or giving you unwanted …

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When God’s Dreams Are Being Birthed In You

Mary is my Bible hero. I must admit she’s one of many favorites but when I think of someone I long to be like, I think of her. Upon greeting her Gabriel spoke: “Good morning! You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, Beautiful inside and out! God be with you.” We don’t know what set her apart. We don’t know why she …

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4 ‘Thoughts’ Singles Fight During The Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, so do the announcements of engagements, wedding invitations and babies that flood our social media timelines and mailboxes. Similar to wedding season, the holidays from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can take a toll on a single person mentally and spiritually. Even the steadfast can sometimes face several kinds of thoughts that may cause them …

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Making New Christmas Traditions Heals Old Wounds

Christmas is a season for new – new birth, new hope, new beauty. Sometimes, however, the holidays are as hard as they are joyous. Good becomes great, but just as much, sadness can become despair. Old wounds are magnified during this time of year. The have-nots feel deeper and the voids more pronounced. When Christmas is hard, it just feels …

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The Hope Of Christmas

In 2011, a tsunami devastated the Japanese town, Rikuzentakata. Over 1,700 people died that day. There was not one man, woman or child unaffected by the tragedy. Buildings were destroyed. Businesses lost. A landscape once lush with the vegetation of 70,000 trees almost completely desolate. Almost. The whipping wind and gigantic waves beat on one tree over and over, like …

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When All You Want For Christmas Is Your Mate

I’m finding it extremely difficult to believe that Christmas is barely a day away from now. December seemed to fly by, and I’m a little nervous about what the new year will bring. Maybe for you, like me, this past year was pretty horrible. My job situation went from bad to worse, and my financial situation followed suit. I was …

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First Christmas Morning Without My Kids

“Joy to the World” was playing on the car radio, but I did not feel any joy in my world. It was five days before Christmas — the first Christmas since my divorce and the first one I would spend without my children. They were born like “stair steps” — three babies in 37 months. The older two were in …

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Merry Christmas From Single Matters!

  MAY YOUR DAYS BE MERRY AND BRIGHT! Today we pray you are filled to overflowing with the joy of the Lord. That all who come in contact with you sense the presence of God. May they know that your light comes from the living Savior Jesus Christ. We bless you with every spiritual gift you were destined to carry. As Mary carried …

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