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Narcissism Part 6: Why Intimacy Is Impossible

There are four keys that are critical for the health of any relationship. Narcissism is so toxic and destructive because it is a failure in all four of these areas. Here are the four: 1. I’m not needy. This is self-management. It’s an orientation toward life that assumes personal responsibility for my own choices and their consequences, my actions, thoughts, …

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Narcissism Part 5: Why They Are Un-Confrontable

Who are you? Do you have value? Who gets to answer those questions? For a narcissist, other people are responsible to answer these questions. Narcissism is a commitment to gaining your sense of identity and worth from other people. But it’s not so much a conscious commitment; it’s your reality. It’s the way you assume life is. It’s what you see and …

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Relationship 101: Commit Or Quit

I love asking questions. I’m a curious person. I think this is a good quality, because I used to be pretty bossy. (I’m the eldest child, so it came naturally for me.) But now I try to keep my opinion to myself and just ask questions. I just love finding out how people make decisions and why. I love how …

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Narcissism Part 1: Communicating Needs In A Relationship

In a marriage it’s good to have some effective tools and strategies for resolving conflict when it arises. There’s a particular brand of conflict I have seen over and over again that’s better to avoid altogether. Rather than resolving it, just don’t have it to begin with. There are two components essential to all communication: 1) the message sent, and …

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[Video] It’s Not About The Nail

Ever try to help someone who thought you were missing their point? They tell you you’re wrong when you know you are right!    

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