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Does Age Difference Matter?

Age in the Bible hardly seemed to matter, and today we see older women dating younger men and older men dating younger women. There is no limit on what God can do to bring two people together. However, the thing that really matters is the heart. Ask yourself why you want to date a person so much younger than yourself. …

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Secret To A Great Relationship: Part 1

Secret to a great marriage

Key For Friendship : Introduction Friendship is a fundamental need of the human heart. Although they shed little or no light on the question of what a real friend is, even the sitcoms that have dominated TV programming in recent years attest to the fact that the subject of friendship—or, more accurately, our deep hunger for friendship and our pain …

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Dating In The Bible

Dating in the Bible

What would the dating personal ad’s and success stories look like in the Bible? This post was originally featured on www.crosswalk.com

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[Video] Pre-Marriage Questions

We are thrilled to introduce you to our ministry partner MarriageToday.  In this video Jimmy Evans addresses pre-marriage questions with great truth and humor.

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The Difference Between Need And Needy

The Difference Between Need and Needy

Much of what I have to say about relationships encourages individuals to look to God as their source, recognize their own capacity to receive from Him all they need and then approach relationships from a place of strength and power, to give rather than to get. On the other hand, I often find myself encouraging people toward honesty and vulnerability …

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When Is The Right Time To Tell My Boyfriend About My Past?

Honesty is always key. One of the worst things is to wait too long to disclose the truth, because it can become awkward and we can easily convince ourselves that it is better left in the dark. What I know is that everything we leave in the dark allows room for the enemy to move. When we expose things to …

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How Do I Suppress The Sexual Urges That I Feel?

This is a great question and one that many couples find themselves asking when they are dating. First, let me say it is natural to feel the way you are feeling. God made attraction so we’d get married! But it is also important to understand the magnitude and strength of those urges. The root of many things that are detrimental …

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All The Single Ladies

Today I had a revelation while meeting with a sweet girl I have the privilege to mentor. We were discussing relationships and the art of pursuit. She was explaining her frustration about a recent relationship with a guy that ended up leaving her confused, hurt, and a little bit rejected. While we were talking I heard the Lord say “there …

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