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Healthy Habits for Singles, Part 6: Being Active at Your Desk Job

Many of us Christian singles have desk jobs: work that involves sitting on our blessed assurance most of the time, whether we’re in a call center, working face-to-face with customers across some counter or in front of a computer. A 2013 survey by Ergotron highlights the epidemic of sedentary jobs that has taken over the American workforce. They found that …

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When Getting Healthy Is A Priority

I remember how shocked I was to hear that my mom had started smoking at the ripe old age of 13. “That was back before we knew how bad it was,” she explained, “Nowadays we know better.” I think the same is true for nutrition. We’re bombarded with information on how to get well — what to eat, what not …

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Healthy Habits For Singles, Part 2: Exercise

I ran two 5K races last year: one on Thanksgiving Day, and one on Christmas Eve. By my own doing, my race on Thanksgiving Day was limited to a physical and mental experience. I was preoccupied with babying my knee to avoid re-injury, and I thought of little else as I ran the race. Christmas Eve was another story. The …

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Redefining Resolutions: Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Do you ever struggle with keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you cringe at the very mention of the words? Does your heart rate spike when someone asks what your resolution will be this year, or how you are doing with maintaining it? Do you instantly slouch in shame at the thought of all the resolutions you were unable to …

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How To Love Your Body

One photograph changed my life. I was 10 years old and had gone to a friend’s birthday party. I remember feeling carefree and having a great time. When my mom asked me if I wanted to see a picture from the party, I was really excited. I saw my friends and myself huddled around a birthday cake. We all looked …

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Are Fitness Goals Selfish?

I don’t typically put bikinis on the list of things that glorify God. But come August 16, I plan to do just that. That’s right, I’m going to glorify God … in a bikini. I’m going to get on a stage wearing a competition suit (snazzy bikini), heels, makeup and a very fake tan. I’ll be judged by my physique and …

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Interview With Strength Stack 52

A Note from Special Features Managing Editor, Jenna Ditsch: I’ll make a confession. I’ve tried to make myself like working out for many, many years, and the bottom line is: I just don’t like it! It’s not that I haven’t been able to find activities that I enjoy. My issue is the time, and often financial commitment, that comes with …

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3 Tips For Solo Exercise

Need to work off the holiday food? Have you been too busy to hit the gym?  Try these 3 fitness routines and get a jump-start on the January resolutions. When workout buddies are not available, you can still find fun in fitness. We can quickly get unmotivated to work out alone. At this point in our lives, we may not …

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Get Focused, Fresh And Fit!

Get Focused, Fresh and Fit

Do you find that you get distracted and lose sight of goals if you don’t have accountability? Sometimes as a single, you can ignore your health because no one is working out or cooking with you. Eating out becomes an easier option than trying to cook for one. When you get home from work, no one is saying “let’s go …

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