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The Best Time To Win A Friend Back

Recently, I said something I thought was innocuous to a good friend. I didn’t know how bothered she was about it until two days later, when she texted, then called me to talk about it. She was upset, but remained appropriate as she shared her side. I listened intently to hear her heart, then asked her to forgive me. Later …

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Is He Just Being Friendly, Or Is He Interested?

Ladies. Friends. Sisters. Can I ask you to listen up for a few minutes? There’s a time to be gentle and a time to be firm. I want to level with you right now. Too often friends have told me how a guy has led them on, and I listen as they lay all blame for their broken hearts on …

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6 Keys For A Healthy Relationship

As a single woman in her 30s over a thousand miles away from her closest natural-born relatives, I sometimes long for connection and intimacy that I don’t always feel in my studio apartment across the river from Manhattan. There may be millions of people here, but sometimes I still feel alone. Once in awhile, I think a boyfriend or husband could …

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I’m Thankful For My Married Friends

I’m at the age where many of my friends are married or in relationships. In fact, my best friend of 15 years is married with three kiddos ranging from 2 years to 10 years old. Her life is hectic like most people’s — school events, ministry responsibilities, work and family. Stumbling upon some free time is like finding a pot …

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Are You Overthinking Your Relationship?

Writers are overthinkers by nature, I think. We spend our days pondering life and the world and our place in it. We pay attention to every detail, every emotion and every action that comes together in front of us. Truth be told, we can get a little obsessed thinking about most areas of our lives. I once convinced myself that …

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3 Things You Must Do To Have An Honest Relationship

Honesty. It’s one thing we all say we want in a relationship, right? Maybe we’ve been led on or betrayed in the past. Maybe we’ve become fed up with mixed signals and trying to navigate the guessing game of the dating world. Or maybe we just have a hard time opening up to others and being honest ourselves. Whatever the …

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How To Build Good Relationships

Good relationships are built, but so are bad relationships. Our relationships hold evidence that exposes the truth of what we’ve built. Social media is the neon sign for social proof of what we’ve built in our relationships. It’s all about connection and validation. We’re wired for community and need our brothers- and sisters-in-arms to help us battle through life. However, …

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When A Friendship Ends

One of the longest friendships I have had in my life began in the middle of 7th grade. I transferred from one school to another in January, right in the middle of the school year. Citronelle, Alabama was a new (and small) town for me — far from the likes of North Hollywood, California, where I lived the first 10 years …

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No-Pressure Dating And The Value Of Friendship

For singles, there’s a lot of pressure these days to find a partner to fall in love with — which equates to a lot of pressure to search for that person through dating. Whether it comes from society’s standards, well-meaning friends, or our own desires, there are quite a few voices out there telling singles to do a lot of …

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Relationship 101: Commit Or Quit

I love asking questions. I’m a curious person. I think this is a good quality, because I used to be pretty bossy. (I’m the eldest child, so it came naturally for me.) But now I try to keep my opinion to myself and just ask questions. I just love finding out how people make decisions and why. I love how …

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