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ABCs For Single Parenting: Part 3

The ABCs (Absolute Basic Criteria) for Raising Spiritually Sensitive Children – Part 3 Third in our series on things single parents need to know to raise healthy kids. ABCs for Single Parenting: Part 3 covers G, H & I. The Bible provides sufficient principles for child rearing, but it does not give us a detailed blueprint for every action. Let’s …

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A Culture Of Honor

Recently I read Philippians 2:1-5 with new spiritual eyes as if for the first time with joy in my spirit, yes, but also with deep conviction. Here Paul painted a picture of the consideration and grace we owe one another in God’s family. God pierced my heart and spirit with this passage. If you have any encouragement from being united with …

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Honor and Honesty Even When It Hurts

Honor and Honesty

Oh the fun and adventure of being single in this crazy world, staying close to God’s heart, navigating the many rules of relationships, and living with a smile on your face in the process! I am a woman who happens to be incredibly passionate, ridiculously romantic, and Heavenly hopeful for love. I have the great privilege of being a single …

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