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Why We Need A Bucket Of Hope

We need hope. And not just a little hope, but bucket loads of hope. When we are in strife with our life circumstances, we can feel trapped. Many people who have a heart’s desire to be married can feel “trapped in singleness,” as if they are doomed to singleness for eternity. When we feel hopeless, we not only feel trapped, …

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When Joy Meets You In An Unexpected Place

When was the last time someone patted you on the back and said, “Don’t give up hope!”? Memes, movies, testimonials, self-help books, friends and Bible verses all tell us to expect a rendezvous with joy. We are told that we shouldn’t lose hope when life seems enveloped in darkness, disappointment, loss or uncertainty; but after enough gut-wrenching disappointments, it appears …

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Hope For The New Year

Anything can happen today. As I think about the New Year ahead, I am overwhelmed with the possibilities. The anticipation of the good to come sets my soul soaring. Everything is possible. Life is a recurring cycle of waiting … then, suddenly. We hope for a change … salvation for a family member, financial provision, a relationship to be restored …

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Biblical New Year’s Resolutions

People ponder the future at New Year’s in a way that they don’t often in the rest of the year. They make resolutions to diet, exercise, and to this being the year that they get in shape, get that dream job, meet that special someone. And, even though I can’t keep a New Year’s resolution to save my life, it’s …

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Are You Losing All Hope For Marriage?

Are you losing all hope for marriage?

Nearly every milestone in my life happened later than expected. As a little girl, I watched others blossom and mature faster than I did. I felt alienated and left out when most of the girls in junior high were stuffing training bras while I was still playing with baby dolls. I was often the target of ridicule because I was …

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